How Wikipedia even get more fuckt up it is already.

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How Wikipedia even get more fuckt up it is already.

Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:35 pm

Graaf Statler/Postman wrote:Wikiquote is één groot zwart gat, waar je een oneindige hoop energie in kunt stoppen, maar wat nooit echt wat wordt. Tot dit inzicht kom ik meer en meer. Het is namelijk of je een huis in de verkeerde volgorde bouwt, eerst het dak, dan de verdiepingen, dan de begane grond, het fundament, en o ja, nu de heipalen nog!

Replace Wikiquote with Wikipedia.

Graaf Statler/Postman wrote:Wikipedia is one big black hole, in which you can put an infinite amount of energy, but which never yield anything. This insight is growing. It's the same as if you are building a house in the wrong order, first the roof, after this the floors, then the ground floor, the foundation, and oh yes, now the piles!

It is so wrong to ad later citations, citations are the pillars of a article. You must start with studying your sources, deepen yourself. With adding later citations, second sources you can make every lie true, push any POV you want.

Again, they are prutsers, it is all wikishit, Crow is complete right.

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