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Wikipedia has a Google Translate problem

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 1:32 pm
by Graaf Statler ... =6&t=10368

Poetlister wrote:Wikipedia was founded with the aim of making knowledge freely available around the world — but right now, it’s mostly making it available in English. The English Wikipedia is the largest edition by far, with 5.5 million articles, and only 15 of the 301 editions have more than a million. The quality of those articles can vary drastically, with vital content often entirely missing. Two hundred and six editions are missing an article on the emotional state of happiness and just under half are missing an article on Homo sapiens.

The Verge

Only a compete lunatic like Vigilant can suggest a foreigner to use google translate. Because Google Translate can only translate but doesn't understand what is written. And because of that all kind of nonsens is added to a translating because the system start to gamble. The system does't understand the context and creates a new context. Only if you know where is someting exact is about it is suitable. because you are able to filter the nonsense and wrong context out of the translation, something Google Translate simple can't. And the fantasy of Google translate is unlimited, because I have noticed it is using parts of existing texts.
And for that reason it is absolute not suitable for fact checking, because often ad random it facts out of other tekst fragments are adit. The example of Smiley is really a good example how the system works.

Speaking about Google fact checkers and Vigilant, I still have not the answer what his role was in the blunder SanFanBan's and seen his fanatisme, his sudden appearance can it not be the Great Alexander Himself?

Because that should surprise me at all. Stupide, Bart rushed to him, his old boss, a coward who admit his roll, now he has disappeared again. It absolute could be him, he fits in the picture, special because he is living in LA and knows all kind of personal details about me.

Vigiliant, a yes or no will do, are you James Alexander? And do you know California has as strict privacy laws as the EU? I simple want you to answer this question, I insist on it.

Re: Wikipedia has a Google Translate problem

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 6:21 pm
by CrowsNest
Graaf Statler wrote:Vigiliant, a yes or no will do, are you James Alexander?
That's a guaranteed no. You're letting your conspiracy theory head run away with you Graaf.

Re: Wikipedia has a Google Translate problem

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 8:01 pm
by Graaf Statler
Thanks. I was only asking because he went half crazy after Lomax started that trail. I am still wondering why...........
And of course he has seen a lot of confidential stuff about me. And a complete leak of civilisation of course. Fascinating person.....

Re: Wikipedia has a Google Translate problem

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 8:32 pm
by Graaf Statler
And what is a conspiracy theory head, Crow?
Bart Versieck and a other guy stated to spam my mailbox with the most crazy links to all kind of wikishit, I said to Bart get lost, several times, he run to this place, Eric kicks him out, he run to WO, to Vigilant and sends me a complete crazy message I should use drugs. And after this Vig start to quote out of confidential mails to "trusted" users of WP-NL. and wanted a American doctor because the Dutch doctors were wrong about me. And later Bart made his appearance on Dysk his discord with the most crazy PM's with orders to shut up.

To me it doesn't seems a conspiracy theory, It seems to me a matter of a lot of medicines and a good doctor for both gentleman, doesn't matter if it is a European or a American doctor. And a beautiful building with lanes and greens with friendly nurses with syringes stand by.