The pedophile hunters....?

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The pedophile hunters....?

Post by CrowsNest » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:04 pm

Only the faded force of Vigilant would be desperate enough to trot out this myth that Wikipediocracy is all about the child protection. He's posted a public thread making a serious allegation. Not going to link to it for obvious reasons, but the highlights are thus.....

-WMF staffer named as protector of a predatory pedophile editor (no evidence presented, or apparently even exists)
-Repeatedly naming the wrong person because they share the same first name (and, snigger snigger, look similar, snigger)
-Claims ArbCom is protecting a different pedophile editor (they haven't been responsible for child protection for years)

Just the usual really. Unevidenced claims they've said and done stuff, with no reason to believe them, and indeed quite a lot of reasons to think nobody inside or outside the WMF would or should take these fucknuts seriously about anything, least of all a serious issue like this. As usual, we see Wikipediocracy members like Anroth refusing to give details that could lead to proper accountability, because he greatly values his status within the Wikipedia cult, more even than the safety of children. But we're supposed to believe he does do The Right Thing on his own website. Sure you do kiddo.

What makes me laugh, is this allegation concerns a Globally Banned editor (as the pedophile being protected by the WMF staffer). They're claiming this ban is for grooming children, but as we know, nobody can say for sure this is the reason. We could be sure if Abd's lawsuit successfully challenges the reasons the WMF takes the approach they do, but the mighty Vigilant would rather the WMF wins and Abd is ruined.

So all I'm seeing is, if the claims are true, is that an WMF staffer tried to protect a child predator, and now even though they are banned, the WMF still won't reveal this was the reason (nor give their real name), and Vigilant is fine with that.

Or to put it more simply, Vigilant is fine with the WMF protecting pedophiles. Oh sure he would like you to think otherwise, but can you really believe someone who tells self-serving lies of this nature......
[the accused] was eventually SanFranBanned for child engangerment and grooming issues which we also documented here on WO.
You documented that did you? Yeah? I can find this person's name next to an admission from the WMF that they banned them for these reasons?

Or are they just a pseudonym on a public list which reveals they could have been banned for any number of serious things, and indeed "no reason at all"? Like that Kumioko guy there, first responder to the thread. Didn't I hear a rumour once that he touches kids? Something about him being pedo-banned? He denied it, but y'know, they all do that, don't they?

Get the fuck out of here with this shit. Mook food is what it is.

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Re: The pedophile hunters....?

Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:58 pm

I lost my way total in crazy Wikitrollland Crow. Special now Proabivouac has started a topic on aggie's WR too.
Can someone helps me out and show me the right way?

It is really the complete Muppet Show with Statler and Waldorf here on the balcony now! :mrgreen:

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