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Earthy Astringent

Postby CrowsNest » Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:25 am ... mit=Search

Not that it narrows the list of suspects down much, but this douche really hates Molly White.

They joined WO on December 2015, so it could be that they're one of these people.... ... orcement_2

Overall themes fit the content elite sub-type of so called critic, with extra helpings of arrogant superiority manifesting in vulgarity.

They're also one of these spandex wearing freaks......
I wouldn't know now because 95% my edits are now done via ip and I pointedly ignore everyone (unless I'm trolling a dickhead).
Has some......bizarre.....theories.
Wikipeida has many problems, but IMO the root of all problems leads to the fact that adminship can be granted by the community, but only revoked by Arbcom. I know it's a common refrain that people say every year that Arbcom can't get any worse, but Christ on a Cracker, has there been ANYTHING like what we've seen in just the first quarter alone?
Hilarious, in hindsight.

There a hysterical outside chance it's just a booster account operated by Vigilant.
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Postby Graaf Statler » Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:42 am

CrowsNest wrote:There a hysterical outside chance it's just a booster account operated by Vigilant.

Of course there is! Because in Vig his paddo rant on me he was getting so crazy and flipped even the wikipediocrazy guys said stop now. Except..... lovely female Earthy Astringent. :mrgreen:

A transgender, Vig? Did they already chopped off your cock? And, did it hurt, Vig? :mrgreen:
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