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Re: 'Paddo Vigilant' wrote something - again

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:23 pm
by Graaf Statler
Vig wrote:Wikidata is another place Laura Hale shit the bed

There is only one person who is shitting here the bed, the room AND trollocrazy and that is you mister!
You are now for weeks and weeks running around like a stoned monkey telling only crap and I start serious to worry about your mental condition because you complete freak out now. I think you even don't eat and sleep anymore.
No joke Vig, something is complete wrong in your head and derailed.

And Jake is a absolute irresponsible idiot not to stop you for your own mental health. Because I see you day after day every day more loosening complete the grip on the reality.
Leave Fram, let him fuck himself, leave Bart legal with his shit story's, let him fuck himself too. I am serious stop Vig, or Jack stop him. NOW!

Re: 'Paddo Vigilant' wrote something - again

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:08 am
by CrowsNest
In the space of a few hours today, Vigilant has flipped from loudly stating Courcelles should have recused (not realizing he had) to arguing he should have stopped the Case happening.

There's been no intervening conversation or other development that explains this rapidly shifting position.

I'm thinking it's syphyllitic insanity. I've seen his medical records.

Say nothing if you agree, Vigilant.

Re: 'Paddo' wrote something - again

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:03 am
by Graaf Statler
He reminds me on Amy Winehouse on her last concert in Belgrado where you was only thinking for christ sake, why doesn't take someone that woman of the podium. Every responsible stage manager had taken her from that podium, just like every responsible sysop had taken Vigilant weeks and weeks ago from the crazy podium with a block.
Sometimes you have to protect people against themself. Something Jake and the crazy mangement simple not do or not understand.

Re: 'Paddo Vigilant' wrote something - again

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:05 pm
by Graaf Statler
Vig wijdbek wrote:Nobody is allowed to speak the words, "Laura Hale" out loud.
Clerks have actually redacted that name when it's been written on official case pages.

No! :mrgreen:

En misschien wordt het eens tijd dat iemand van Eurocrap Vig verteld dat hij beter zijn grote klep dichtklapt en hem van het podium daar haalt vóór ik in de verleiding kom het hele verhaal van hoe Gouwenaar mevrouw Menke met een klets-auteursrechten verhaal complete naaide met haar kleren aan samen met Romaines sok Arb Blueknight NA het mens de hemel in geprezen te hebben.. Vind je vrouwtje vast niet leuk om te horen op TV ouwe, met Mr Ausma naast me die is uitgescholden voor Meester Aus*******z door wikimedia Edo.

Of dat ik eens een boekje over de huidige chapter functie van de gesjeesd Robin (WMF) opendoe. Of een hele stapel andere boeken met schandalen zo dik als het oude telefoonboek van Amsterdam.
Wat dachten jullie zo te bereiken, dat ik bang werd van jullie bunch of losers of van die dwaas?

Stop die vent met zijn privacy schendingen en rants en slappe gelul en wel NU!

Re: 'Paddo Vigilant' wrote something - again

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:09 pm
by Graaf Statler
Earthy Astringent wrote:I can only imagine the butterflies in Hale’s stomach every times she presses F5 on this thread, wondering if today is the day someone finds information she can’t scrub from the internet.

Wmhwa...... no. I think Laura is sitting on the digital sofa between Guido and me with open mouth watching what that idiot is bringer now up again to be honest.
No, I don't think she is impressed by this crazy rants. Just like we aren't.

Re: 'Paddo Vigilant' wrote something - again

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:51 pm
by Graaf Statler
Vigilant wrote:
if Fram files a SAR, he's going to get ALL the information, including the identities of the complainants, the emails back and forth, the whole 'work product' of Trust and Safety, the sign off chain for this action all the way up to Katherine Maher and the reasoning for Maria Sefidari Huici's recusal...

Moral Hazard wrote:
The emails would be interesting if any come computing-systems from governmental organizations covered by public-records laws.

Then Fram can make wide requests to the Freedom of Information officer at each governmental organization, exposing more information.

Yeeeehhhhh! Let's ask NSA for those mails and all the info!!! :mrgreen:

Re: 'Paddo Vigilant' wrote something - again

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:34 pm
by CrowsNest
Unsurprisingly, he had never heard of Pi Zero either.

Starting to wonder if he even knew about Wikinews itself.

Say nothing if you didn't know, Vigilant. 8-)

Re: 'Paddo Vigilant' wrote something - again

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:38 am
by Graaf Statler

Moral Hazard:
The memorial significance of Hookers for Jesus

Liz wrote:
She did work for Hookers for Jesus for 1 1/2 years but worked for the Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council of the State of Washington for ten years. I think that is a more significant representation of her career.
Liz (T-C-L) 23:22, 12 April 2014 (UTC)

Wikipedia wrote:Hookers for Jesus

In 2008, Hookers for Jesus established a safe house program in the Las Vegas area with one of The Church at South Las Vegas intern homes.[1][5] The program, titled "Destiny House", is a safe haven for victims of sex trafficking and primarily serves prostitutes and local sex trade workers. Annie left CSLV (Church of South Las Vegas) and currently has a new Destiny House Estate. Annie now attends Valley Bible Fellowship of Las Vegas

Good catch Moral Hazard! Prostitutes are no human beings your know, they are just a toy for man.

Re: 'Paddo Vigilant' wrote something - again

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:07 pm
by Graaf Statler
Vigilant wrote:
You are a madman who cannot ever shut up about the injustice of your situation.

I know it confounds you, but trying to shoehorn whatever pain you carry about getting banned from en.wp into EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION make you an entirely unsympathetic character.

Moral Hazard wrote:
No doubt, this Dutch uncle talk shall reform Kumioko's behavior.

Wait a moment, not Vig is here the Dutch uncle, that is me! :mrgreen:

Osborne wrote:...........and I expect this to be a precedent, resulting in a proper appeal procedure for office actions. No-appeal, no-evidence sanctions are despotic, and prone to abuse. This is to say, admins should not be allowed to do the same either.

Something about warm places where the sun never shines, Osborne? Do you really believe I am going to beg if I may return to a digital junk yard with a few overplayed internet trolls? Or overpaid total incompetent lunatics? Sorry to say, but just fuck off with this bullshit please.

The only way should be if WMF asked professional arbiters to look all the SanFanBans over without someone has to ask for it. And not letting peeps like Abd going to a court and spending thousands and thousands of dollars donor money on a complete bullshit law case (Abd's law case) generated by the extreem professional Trolling&sucking department. Sorry, I am not for sale.

At random cherry picking is complete randomness. Ask the Jones lawyers for arbitrage, spend there your money on. They have even a office in Holland if you really are willing to clean up years of shit of the T&S department and to solve the SanFanBan problems definition.

In this amateurish way there will be never a end on the SanFan drama and before it is solved WP is drowned. Because maybe for Kum this offer is OK and for Abd a trail, but not for me. Far fro, Osborn, sorry.

Re: 'Paddo Vigilant' wrote something - again

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:50 am
by Graaf Statler
Vig wrote:They're going to figure it out on the sandy beaches of Tunisia and tell you what you get.
They've got 40-50 totally unqualified people, think 'all of the characters from SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy', who have joined the Air Mile Mafia in Tunisia to decide the future of the project you guys have worked on for 20 years.
Get ready to get fucked over hard, en.wp veterans.

If you take the trouble to listen to Katherine you can hear is she giving all the credits to that guys who have worked so hard the past 20 years, Vig.
But times have changed, Wikipedia is fossilised. Wikipedia is not ready for the internet of 2020, 2030 Vig. Things simple have to change. That is what you and your friends have to understand. Otherwise all that hard working was for nothing because this wikipedia as it is is a product of the past century without any future. It's domed to fail in this formulae.