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Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:50 pm
by Graaf Statler
There's no way you have a psychotic break that requires involuntary psychiatric committal without leaving a law enforcement trail.

That has never been complete lunatic! They kept me a few days for observation to be sure, but after about two hours I was again complete OK. A law enforcement trail, what never was, but what can you expect from someone who see in a few 30 year old Lehman figures a sexual deformation. :roll:

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100% mental OK Vig, and now you! :mrgreen:

Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:05 pm
by Graaf Statler
Anroth wrote:Actually in the UK you can be easily these days, and in a number of other countries with comparable laws I would assume. An involuntary psych hold doesnt require arrest or any sort of ongoing law enforcement issue in the UK. It may often do so if the police have to be involved to the level where they have to take the person to a place of safety (often the station), but routinely in the UK mental health holds with police involvement have no lasting records on the legal side, and the medical side is sealed or covered by DPA/GDPR.

(In these days of paperwork, PC plod doesnt have to write up a load of form and go to court if they can palm it off as a mental health issue, the doctor gets to do all the work)

Exacte. And police is never involved if it is pure something medical, only if someone kicks his house in pieces. What was in no way the matter, I was only very ill at that moment and drove to the hospital and the rest you can read on auggies WO in the hidden section, Vig.
But is it not about time to ask some specialistic help for yourself Vig? Maybe Pro can help you to find the way in this to a good American psychiatrist to help you.

:mrgreen: ALL BLUF MISTER SHITHEAD!!!! :mrgreen:

Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:47 pm
by Graaf Statler
n which a demonstration of social engineering shows how it is possible, with extremely limited information, to cause someone else to publicly confirm that they had a psychotic breakdown and provide additional details for my search...

What all was wrong. I never had any psychotic breakdown. It was some neurologic incident related with a heart problem. Never was confirmed it should even be a psychose, it was much to short for it. There was never police or any court involved, I just drove with my own car to the hospital, and only the last diagnose counts. What was I am 100% mental healthy and in a few days I drove in my own car home mister.

No mister, you are just bluffing, because for sure you have read that rapport because you was all the time hinting on details in it. You had in no way limited info, that is a lie and bull mister Vig. No, no no mister, you was just complete wrong in any way mister....... You simple misinterpreted the whole rapport and putted it out of the context because of your autism. Properly you have used the shitty google translate tool what also destroys context, in combination with your autism fatal. You didn't search at all, because this info is simple not on the internet what you all the time used. Again one of your cheap lies. A team of doctors, how could you know?

Dangerous Vig, because everything was wrong what you claimed in your twisted autistic shithead. And now you are covering your ass in this way because now you understand how terrible wrong you was all the time and now you can't lie and bluff yourself out anymore. Because you are total chess mat.

A cheap autistic lie, mister. Your social engineering sucks, just like you do. Because someone with balls had said in a very early stage sorry Martin, I was total wrong. what can i do to compensate you.


Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:51 am
by Graaf Statler
Paddo Vig wrote:You're going to play the "anyone who won't look away from Laura's dirty secrets is a misogynist" card?

Fuck. You.

Your girlfriend is a terrible editor and produces utter garbage content with a strong COI.
She should have been indeffed for just what she's written.
The facts that she leans heavily on your connections at the WMF to get her way in a content dispute is even worse.
The fact that she's in the wrong is just icing on the cake.

Have you seen her last 5000 contributions?
She's not here to create an encyclopedia, she's here to have pointless wars of social purity.

Her. Work. Is. Garbage.

Do you think the WMFOrofice T&S intervenes on the behalf of every editor that Fram calls out?
Are you that innocent or is this all an act?

And you, you what are you doing except playing around with your lousy fucking bots with your autistic friends like Bart and the rest to create an encyclopedia, Vig?
I tell you, you and you friends are only destroy the complete knowledge ecology, and THAT is your contribute to this world, Vigtroll! The mess you have made has nothing, realy nothing to do with creating an encyclopedia, bloody fool what you are!

Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:06 am
by Graaf Statler
Vigtroll wrote:I can't recall the last time I saw a bog standard editor who was on this kind of footing with the T&S crew.
I also don't find it too common for an editor to be allowed to preselect a small group of which admins can take adminy actions where my account is concerned.
It's also pretty funny when you have a spoiled child, like LauraHale, insisting that her work is off limits.

If my name were on your pet admins list, I'd be thinking hard about my future on en.wp.

And T&S was a dream team what did a perfect job with Abd and me, Vigtroll!

Shall I tell you something? You are a autist and in many parts in your brain you have a extreem low IQ, Vig, and special in the social part of your brain.
And that is what is going on,

Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:40 pm
by CrowsNest
Vigtroll wrote:I can't recall the last time I saw a bog standard editor who was on this kind of footing with the T&S crew.
Seriously? This is Wikipedia of 2019. I know you've been away, but real personal connections underpinning their assorted wiki-lives are ubiquitous in wikiland now. Meetups, editathons, WikiMania, it's a Meat Space movement now. WMF bans are as much about locking down real events as it is websites, but you knew that of course. The blog writer affiliated to this site can tell you a thing or two about that. Don't tell him you're from Wikipediocracy though, you lot don't carry much respect in those circles. Your crew, the tree house love squad, is more about being let into these events and having nice chats these days, or didn't you fucking know that either?

The fuck did you think Wikipedian In Residences even were? They're the new Priesthood, representing the Church of Outreach. You psychos on Wikipediocracy had an OutReacher as a member for a while, but she we as woman, so decided to go hang out down the docks to feel a little safer in her spare time. No cosy chats for her. Odd that. You want a picture btw? For your album. Kidding. As if we're bin divers like you lot.

Genuinely digital realm volunteers have to have been the fastest declining sub-group of active editors (one for Timmy to investigate). Not that it was surely ever a secret to Wikipediocracy elders like you that social networking between volunteers and the WMF has always been prevalent? It's all just an extension of that now - meeting people and not swearing at them can even get you Adminship now, as per RexxS. I wrote about it here. Your crew tried, but the Wikipedia love was all over it. Taints the product, always does, always will.
Vigtroll wrote:I also don't find it too common for an editor to be allowed to preselect a small group of which admins can take adminy actions where my account is concerned.
Is saying it approval now? A lot of Wikipedians say a lot of shit that if it came down to it, wouldn't be allowed. That wouldn't happen if the community regulated such directional sounding speech rather than treating it like it is Free, but hey, nobody wants that, least of all your crew. They love an edit notice, your boyz.

And again, I know you've been away, but these days, and I'm quite sure for a long while, it's not been unheard of for Wikipedians to openly declare which Administrators they did and did not trust to handle their affairs. It used to be called mentorship, now, well, when it's not openly said, it is left as an unwritten rule. People just kinda know you don't fuck with RexxS without Bishonen's prior approval. Meaning, you didn't fuck with RexxS for very long, not unless you want to draw blood. How long did Fram get away with butting heads with RexxS? Do you know? Do you care? Did it ever enter your mind Fram faced all sorts of barriers to his efforts, no need or even sense in pretending there was a corporate vs. volunteer component dominating any other. He loves you for saying it though, I'm quite sure.

I mean, fuck, do you even really know how hated Fram was, just by pure breed volunteers? It only really came to a head while you wandered in the desert. People who would not be seen dead at a meat space event, at least not one run by the System (drinks with RexxS, count them in!), much less count any of them as friends? Ritchie. Ritchie. Ritchie. How many times do I need to spoon feed you wastes of space this good shit?

Ritchie married a Wikipedian, for fuck's sake, and she left him, presumably for being way too much of a Wikipedian. No bin diving required, just drama watching, probably involving Fram now I think on it. You think RexxS would enforce an WMF Global Ban on the ferret fucker, or Ritchie, his actual ride (transport, not sexual, maybe)? It's a nice summer evening in a Manchesster pub. Drink has been taken. Bon homie. Ohh, a hand in my knee. Was it intentional?.......these people don't want Safe Spaces, they want fraternity. Bros before hos. The only women allowed, are the ones who would put up with them, or are worse. Always a Bishonen in every biker gang. We got their names. You got their pics? No, do not want. Keep them in your dirty files.

This is the real social network that underpins so much of the sludge that sloughs around Wikipedia. And you're mad about a women listing her entirely unenforceable designated non-Trogs? Come off it.
Vigtroll wrote:It's also pretty funny when you have a spoiled child, like LauraHale, insisting that her work is off limits.
Practically commonplace these days. The vehemently anti-WMF Ferret Fucker was the original spoiled child, at least the one to achieve true longevity in his performance, remember? Course you do. Every single faction has since discovered the benefits of realizing WP:OWN is the next weakest policy after civility.

Come on. Basic topical knowledge, this shit.

New Administrator RexxS has done not much more with his tools than protect his turf, pretty much as he said he would, not that your crew has noticed. They call it stewardship now, the benevolent act of a trusted volunteer. They met him. Looked into his eyes. The kind understanding eyes, of yet another old white dude. Never sworn at a kid in his life. In meat space. So he said. Sworn at people on Wikipedia, a person he seemed to think was young and impressionable. Your crew catch that did they? All about the Meat Space-Facebook-Wikipedia duty of care gap, your peoples. Right? RIGHT? Trust and Safety. Important work.

Not always about just who touches who. But if you want to viciously fight the legal case that could ultimately prove Kumioko didn't touch kids, you feel free. Your nest. Your reputation. Your problem.
Vigtroll wrote:If my name were on your pet admins list, I'd be thinking hard about my future on en.wp.
Well, James Alexander certainly did. More money for less slime, I'd say. You know who probably had a real big hand in James deciding this shit just wasn't worth it? In a non-slimey way. Our guy. Your crew once had a guy who tried to press the issue of whether T&S meat space bans are just so much unconstitutional bullshit. They laughed. Didn't laugh at our guy. Scared to even mention his name. Afraid of him. Could see the fear on his face, the guilt ridden look of a man who knows he can't justify his salary. We do pictures too, see. When it matters. Got a nice pic of your Head Man having Tea and Biscuits too, I seem to recall. Now don't you be fronting at him, your Head Man is a pretty old dude, you don't want a heart attack on your hands. Well, not for native English speakers anyway, right?

This shit is embarrassing dude. Update your knowledge of Wikipedia and your nest, fast. Bro.

Better yet, do as you promised and fight back. Memes? The fuck is that? Cute, but hey, when I think about what you were probably looking for when you found it, I just feel used. Eyes up here!

I mean, come on.......
* Tell me she's not directly involved with this.
* Tell me that she didn't receive any preferential treatment based on her connections to you.
* Tell me that having this polemic calling out individuals in the WMF T&S org is completely normal.
* he did
* it isn't (but you seem to have not bothered to acknowledge why she probably thought it necessary)

Too easy this. Can't even say you're out to feed the mooks anymore. Who is the intended reader of this particular turd sandwich? Timmy? Don't waste your time. You had him at aaarrrggghhhhh. :lol:

HTD btw. ;)

Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:01 pm
by Graaf Statler
When it comes to the WMF Trust & Safety team, however, I am unclear on what the process is to deal with a mistaken action. The answer appears to be "We do not make mistakes. Therefore, there is no process for correcting them." That is, to put it mildly, disturbing, and in my opinion is a large part of the reason that the community is acting with such revulsion at the way the WMF is conducting itself. If we recognize that every organization is capable of making errors from time to time, the natural question is "what is the process for getting them fixed?" The answer cannot be "none, because we are infallible." So, WMF, what is the process we should use for getting a mistaken T&S action corrected? 28bytes (talk) 15:59, 12 June 2019 (UTC)

What Vigtroll did was really embracing. Doing what dirty and corrupt cops do, producing false evidence to cover there ass. Distorting, twisting the truth, he is a asshole. And the wikipediocrazians including Jake too to allowed him to do so. And you Timmy are a asshole too to look away and spread here form time to time your bullshit. Grow up to a real man, and fuck off here with your regelair bullshit, Timmy. Go back to your to the bone corrupt Wikipediacrazy, the podium for complete losers like Vig.

What WMF is doing is indeed complete bullshit. We don't make mistakes, we never make any mistake, we will never make any mistake. But we don't speak one word Dutch but we are absolute always right with our Stater and other bans. And, that is the biggest scandal of all, the guy who did this to me together with professor Drnatuur12, Ymnes, his hands are now complete tied up by the Dutch arbcom and the MoiraMoira trollbot he operated is out of the air. And the famous Dutch wiki professor is no arb anymore.

Ah, fuck yourself, Vigtroll, you are a miserable fat grifter, just like that T&S guy's. Overpaid assholes, that is what they all are. Too stupid to tie their own shoelaces.

Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:51 am
by Abd
Graaf Statler wrote:

Paddo Vigilant wrote:Hey Graaf, at least you're not the dumbest guy on Sucks any more...
You've got that going for you, which is nice.
Is giving the court a bad mailing address......

Vigilant never goes back and corrects his stupidities, so he never learns. I didn't comment on this before in this thread, I think, but I did not give the court a bad mailing address, Vigilant assumed this from the document filed that mail had been returned. I'm not quite sure why the clerk filed that, it might be absolutely routine, but they phoned me also and I had them read the address to me and it was correct, and so they agreed they would simply mail it again, and I received it. We have no idea what happened. But even if I had given them a bad address, it would be a remediable fault. Vigilant is full of whatever he can imagine to use to claim to call someone else stupid or worse. He is a classic very active misanthrope.

Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:00 am
by CrowsNest
Apparently this......
I would strongly advise her not to attend any wikimania events.
.... was meant to also convey this....
she will almost certainly be treated poorly by the attendees for her part in this corrupt drama. Everyone will know who she is and she will more than likely be shunned and excluded.
I see where I went wrong now. I had assumed that in amongst his efforts to rifle through her knicker drawer and generally creep her the fuck out, we were meant to recognize in that post his genuine empathy for her plight, as the consequences of his rackoon fodder making its way across that very short bridge that connects Wikipedia and Wikipediocracy manifested, not a sinister threat from one whose reputation was built on such things, or so I thought.

Just a regular good old chivalrous type of bin diver, like from Olden Times.

Come on dude. If you need 21st Century lessons in what you should and should not be doing with the ladies, so as to walk that fine line between serious critic and pond life, you need only take tips from our Jess Wade thread.

You need any more lessons today, bro?


Re: Paddo Vigilant wrote again something.

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:09 am
by CrowsNest
Oh, and this idea Laura somehow won't be welcome at WMF events now, after all that shit? And somehow these places are hotbeds of support for Fram? Seriously dude, what are you smoking to be even suggesting this is not utter nonsense?

It's so bad, it almost looks like you made it up to cover your ass.

What a world it would be if the people hosting and guarding these events is the conspiracy known as Team Laura, but inside it is just one great big Fram Party.