The pathetic reasons they give for their irrelevance

For serious discussion of the "major" forum for Wikipedia criticism and how it fails.
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The pathetic reasons they give for their irrelevance

Post by CrowsNest » Sat Aug 17, 2019 11:59 am

So, obviously as a result of my scathing criticism, and continued ramblings like this being posted in the forum.....
When it finally comes out that FramGate was about ****** *****, the WMF is going to be eating a shit sandwich in the mainstream press.
Zoloft has finally posed the question, why has their conspiracy theory regarding Framgate not been picked up by the mainstream media? After all, it is beyond clear that if what they are alleging was true, it would be the biggest scandal to ever hit Wikipedia. Bigger than Essjay, by a country mile.

As the Head Man himself put it.....
Framed properly it's a tale of corrupt insiders doing some self-dealing with a charity's funds, nepotism, grifters and graft, and a blithe dismissal of long-time volunteers that finally boils over into open rebellion, the underdogs against the corporate evil.

The tabloid version:
Sex, women behaving badly, New Age and Silicon Valley wannabe elitists, outright theft and fraud, Wikipedia getting too big for its britches.

Wikipedia becoming the fully corrupt version of its early promise, drowned in too much money and gross mismanagement.
So, what did the footsoldiers have to say for themselves? Well, lead panty sniffer Vigilant has a curious excuse....
It's been hard to inspire most reporters to take an interest in en.wp lately.
It's old news and far from cool any more.

What will pique their finely tuned blood sensing organs is a personal drama, prepackaged like Qworty.
And of course Kumioko is ever ready with his patented brand of recycling any old shit he's heard others say before.....
It's to much inside baseball.

If you want to get the news attention, all you need to do is tell them that Wikipedia helped the Russians get Trump elected or that Wikipedia took money from the Russians and they'll be all over it like Katherine Maher at a Donor party.
So desperate.

Not sure I even have to say it, it is that obvious, but I will. These excuses are pathetic because, as any serious critic would appreciate, Framban was the first remotely complicated insider issue to have piqued the interest of the news media for a long time, and largely because of its personal angle, and because it featured revolution and even a whiff of corruption, that at that stage they were only prepared to attribute to some crackpots they read on a site called Wikipediocracy, which to them looked for all the world like a site for disaffected Wikipedians.

If they could stand this up, as the serious independent investigators they claim to be, there is ZERO doubt there would be a demand for it. Interest has not waned, the opportunity to publish this just as the Foundation re-elects a supposedly corrupt Chair would be perfect. The issue is credibility. Shit, the issue is basic plausibility, for serious investigators. Converting a conspiracy theory into printable fact is always impossible.

Having long ago fully accepted the theory as the most likely explanation for Framban, site Administrator Jake has now gone strangely silent on the issue of why nobody in the media wants to pick it up. Has already moved on to claiming the cover up is in full effect, citing the re-election. OK dude.

I'm still waiting for the reason as to why they haven't even posted it as a blog post. The first logical step, surely, if you a) believed it, and b) wanted it to be picked up.

Over to you, you bunch of fucking Muppets. :roll:

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Re: The pathetic reasons they give for their irrelevance

Post by Graaf Statler » Sat Aug 17, 2019 12:37 pm

So desperate.

Creating a fake sucks twitter account. :roll: ... 2135461894

They get more crazy by the day, those crazyans.

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