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Post by wikipedoidiots » Sat Aug 17, 2019 8:47 pm

== rocky marciano reverts == :? :lol: :o

Conversation copy that wikihomopedoidiots reverted, unconditionally deleted, but did they? :lol:

Do you know what you are doing, do you even know what is nonesense? rocky marciano amateur record is 11-3? He did not fight between 1946 - 1956? Do you know what antandrus does to rocky marciano articles? Also, be careful, trolls from ecncyclopediadramatica are having fun. I am not any of those people who keep on reverting things on purpose just to have fun. IM very serious editor. My real name is Gog, old friend of an author on 2013 award winner rocky marciano book, Lubek's Threelogy. I provided some information for the book.
It is 5 stars rated: ... B0792LFVKG

When it comes to boxing, IM the authority. Are you aware how many mistakes are here? so antandrus reverted this to 2007 ver & said this is correct ver, wow! 9-4 does not exist, fine unlike proven well: 50-0 yup!!! of course!!!

So, just because others revert like on wikiquote with tegel's support does that mean it's right because it is majority?
Just because Projects is banned since forever, does that mean his corrections are inaccurate & must be reverted & articles must be made incorrect? So where is basic logic here? Is that deductive or inductive logic/reasoning or common sense as a given, as there is night, there must be day, is that an assumption, can that be wrong, SURE, ACCORDING TO ANTANDRUS THE KING OF TOTAL NONSENSE. SOMEBODY WHO CREATES PROBLEMS IN REAL LIFE. WHO CALLS TRITON POLICE TO ARREST INNOCENT PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE EDITTING ON WIKIPEDIA. HE DOES NOTHING BUT THREATS & NAME CALLING, PROVOCATIONS, PERSONAL ATTACKS & ALL OF THAT CAN BE PROVEN & WE DEMAND THIS GUY IS BROUGHT BEFORE META WIKIMEDIA & KICKED OUT FOREVER!!!!!!! REMEMBER, HIS REAL NAME IS DAVID, HE HIDES UNDER FAKE ANR HAYE/HAYES TO LOOK INCONSPICUOUS. HE HAS FOOLED MANY PEOPLE. IN REAL LIFE HE IS REGISTERED SEXUAL OFFENDER. THERE IS A SIGN ON HIS DOOR STATING: SEXUAL OFFENDER LIVES HERE. He wants to show the world how good he is & you are helping him with that by believing his garbage & supporing his vandalism, it was ever thus... but of course, this is wikipedoia & nobody cares about accuracy. It has to be that way where majority rules. But this is the beginning of the end for wikipedia

[[Special:Contributions/|]] 00:18, 10 July 2019 (UTC)

The above Wikihomopedoidiots - aka Wikingopedoidiots are Wikingoholics Wikiholix ABSOULTE SUPER ASSHOLES
aka Wikingopedoia's Editors with no life, money or job. Some of "Chosen Ones" are: Antandrus Dravid, Trijnstel, PlyrStar93, Brian Sadowski, Ningauble, Seewolf, Ruslik0 (Russian Freak), Jon Kolbert, -revi, Vermont, Dungodung (Serbian War Criminal & Rapist), Vituzzu, Wpedzich, علاء (MadArab from GreatOldOne ElderThing star spawn) & tons of others. These are absolute lowlifes who have no idea they are alive. They do not know what opposite sex is. Their only mission in life is to follow their cthult leader sex maniac, pervert, sick fuck, king of pedophiles, registered child sex offender King Jewbo Jimbo Prince 'o' Wales. They are actual pedophiles who always cruise for underage action on Wikipdoia aka Wikingopedia aka Wikingopedoia.
Wikimedia aka Wikipedoia aka Wikingopedoia is the exclusive club for perverts, the top place where world's horniest pedophiles meet!!! SAD BUT SO 10000% TRUE!!!

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Post by Graaf Statler » Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:02 pm

Hi wikipedoidiots, you write Editors with no life, money or job. And you mention a few names inclusive the stewards madam ;) Trijnstel and Vituzzu. Do you have any inside information about that? Because with the two of them I had a very unpleasant experience.

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