The pure faggotry of Midsize Jake

For serious discussion of the "major" forum for Wikipedia criticism and how it fails.
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The pure faggotry of Midsize Jake

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Mon Mar 15, 2021 1:40 am

What kind of a quisling asswipe talks like this.......
If this keeps up, we might have to put all new unidentifable UK accounts on moderation, which would of course suck pretty badly.
....other than an actual Wikipedia Administrator?

What is he trying to prevent? An invasion of National Socialists on his precious forum? An attack of pedophilia apologists? A mass ambush by sharks with freekin' space lazers for heads!???!!?

No. If he were, that sort of reaction at least would be understandable.

No, Jake the Quisling Fag is trying to stop someone posting criticisms of Jess Wade in his Wikipedian social club.

Criticisms so on point, so damaging, look how badly it got the resident Wikipedia fan boys all riled up......
attention-seeking from a random nobody with a grudge against Wikipedia

you are a loser. And a coward

do you get sexually aroused by knowing that people think you are a shitstain

Nobody likes you. Go away.

explain why an obsessive little stalker creep like you even deserves a response.

petty axe-grinding by an emotional child

OCD-fuelled incel tantrums
Notice how they get steadily madder and more vulgar when their target chooses to simply further press his case with facts, rather than break down and cry, in the face of their meanness.

It makes me laugh. I think for I while there, they just somehow forgot they were supposedly taking the side of people who hate bullies and sexist pigs.

I'm so tempted to "harass" Wade by telling her this is the sort of person she has fighting her corner.

Still, never did have much going in in the brains department, did they?


Nom nom nom. :lol:

Still an amateur compared to moi. Ever in my shadow, even when I'm on sabbatical.

If anyone is offended by my use of the word fag btw, I am sorry, but when it comes to describing the apparent relationship that now exists between Midsize Jake and Wikipedia, how deeply in their debt he has become, how servile to their cause he is willing to be, only 1980s slurs that bring up visions of back alley dick sucking for half a rock of crack, will do.

I am genuinely embarrassed for the fucker.

You know what this was of course.......
Normally I would have shown up an hour earlier to ban these people making on point observations of Wikipedia flaws, but I had to deal with a personal problem.
.....he had to apply some cream for his.....y'know. :oops:

Servers don't come cheap I guess.

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Re: The pure faggotry of Midsize Jake

Post by boredbird » Wed Mar 17, 2021 10:16 am

Jake Is A Sellout wrote:
Mon Mar 15, 2021 1:40 am

What kind of a quisling asswipe talks like this.......
Welcome back CrowsNest.

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