Beeblebrox doxxes Lourdes on Wikipediocracy, and is characteristically not sorry

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Beeblebrox doxxes Lourdes on Wikipediocracy, and is characteristically not sorry

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Sun Mar 28, 2021 7:48 pm ... 1014707113


Lourdes made a mistake a lot of new editors make, and revealed who they were in their first few edits. She clearly regretted it, tried to have it removed (refused, because Wikipedia!), and has never referred to her real life identify on Wikipedia ever again.

Under normal circumstances then, as you would fully expect a Wikipedia Arbitrator like Beeblebrox to know, an ordinary editor, if they were aware of these basic facts, then brought up Lourdes' real identity in a context other than someone having a legitimate reason for knowing it, they would at best, be warned for being a creep. Even worse, if this is done on an external forum populated by people known for being creepy about female Wikipedia editors.

It's common knowledge on Wikipediocracy who Lourdes is, just like it is common knowledge it was a mistaken revelation that she regrets and has never edited under her real identity.

Look how Beeblebrox, and the rest of the Wikipediocracy scum, try to tell the story differently.

Look how Beeblebrox claims he participates on the scum site, to counter misinformation. The irony.

Look how he even fails to honestly recount the post he says was someone requesting to know who Lourdes was, and his batshit explanation for why he thought answering them was a good idea, even if he was correct in his belief that was what they were asking.

Look at all that, and look at how no action is being taken against Beeblebrox, not even a slap on the wrist. Look at how, yet again, another woman who stands up to complain about what a powerful white man of Wikipedia has done to make her feel unsafe, gets told to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and just be happy she got any kind of reply at all.

Wikipediocracy. Now with added Wikipedia.

And vice versa too, it seems.

I believe they call this cross-pollination. Usually a healthy and natural process, but in this case, it reeks of that dirty feeling after you've made a drunken pass at your half-sister. I'll explain that reference for the women it may have creeped out - it's common knowledge everywhere, that the fiercely anonymous "Beeblebrox" is a resident of the frozen northern outpost of Trumplandia, where the days are short and the company is sparse.

Jake sold out to obtain posters of the quality of Beeblebrox, and he sold out HARD.

Too bad he lost posters who have a solid record of standing up for women editors (while also not being afraid to criticise women editors if they have actual done something wrong).

Full disclosure. I once called Lourdes crazy, or in medical terms, definitely having some kind of difficulty with keeping her shit on the straight and level, in an effort to highlight her eminent unsuitablility for Adminship.

I think that has been borne out many times in her Admin career, and I bet privately, in his capacity as Admin overlord, Beeblebrox feels the same way (and that may have something to do with why he thought it might be a good idea to randomly light her up on the creep zone, to see if someone wanted to do a Tenenbrae on them).

This incident shows my concern with her quite well. As serious as it is for an Arb to be doxxing you on an external forum, she has clearly chosen the most innapproriate and drama laden way to proceed. Still, that doesn't prevent me being empathetic, and taking a stand on general principle.

She does indeed deserve more from Wikipedia Arbitrators. It's not her fault she doesn't understand that the current Committee looks like it does, a veritable sausage fest of tone deaf white male Old Timers, is precisely because the Wikipedia community really isn't down with the idea that they even have problem with how their idea of good governance is perceived by normal women.

The themes are highlighted even there, such as their inability to appreciate when they are essentially casting the complainant as a being over sensitive or insufficiently grateful for her non-apology, they still don't see it. Beeblebrox has done what he usually does, and has departed stage right.

Probably to the secret forums of Wikipediocracy, to further malign Lourdes, probably over wine and cheese with their chief panty sniffer Tarantino, who is probably at this very minute, hunting for other times Lourdes has accidentally referred to her real self, so they can further defend the honour of their prized poster.

Who knows, maybe Beeblebrox only publicly respects Wikipedia women who appreciate him as a protector and ally. The sort of editor who, to this day, posts unsourced biographical information to Wikipedia on a daily basis, even though she knows it is against policy. An issue raised on Wikipediocracy recently, and laughed at, the chief jester being Beeblebrox.

Oh Jake.

Is the plan becoming clear yet?

Have you blocked all UK registration yet, to prevent this woman editor's faults and Beeblebrox's et al's unwarranted and indeed quite corrupt protection of her, from being properly discussed on your forum? It's what Wikipedia has done. I know how you love to emulate them these days, in every single way.

I suppose you have to make them all feel like they're in a familiar place, right?

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