AndyTheGrump's homosexual affair with Wikipedia/ns

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AndyTheGrump's homosexual affair with Wikipedia/ns

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Tue Apr 20, 2021 12:55 am

I just can't quit you

I don't know what's more pathetic, the fact that the guy who posts the "Retired" banner on his user page (six years ago!) is still so addicted to Wikipedia he not only logs in regularly, he actually checks his watchlist, or that he somehow managed to turn what he found there into an excuse to have a wierd angry love spat with Beebletits in their Wikipediocracy dive bar. ... 16&t=11934

Maybe all the talk of Alaska has got the Grumpus thinking Beebler might be a right HAIRY BEAR. :shock: :lol:

Each to their own I guess. I'm not judging. Not their sexuality, anyway.

The hilarious postscript to this piece might of course be the un-shocking reveal that Andy didn't actually retire, he just went back into the (sock)-closet.

Hmmm. Nice and warm and cozy.

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