Beeblebrox posts a link to Wikipediocracy, on BLP/N of all places

For serious discussion of the "major" forum for Wikipedia criticism and how it fails.
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Beeblebrox posts a link to Wikipediocracy, on BLP/N of all places

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Tue Apr 20, 2021 1:15 am

At last we are starting to see the quid pro quo element of Wikipediocracy laying out the red carpet treatment for Wikipedia higher ups like Beeblebrox. ... 1018763005

Time was, Wikipediocracy's name was mud on Wikipedia, on account of its general reputation for engaging in morally questionable behaviour. Posting a link to it anywhere, would have got you severely reprimanded, if not blocked.

How times have changed. Now their highest level users, are posting links to it openly, and on the BLP noticeboard as well.

You can see the attraction for the scum site. In addition to the reputation rehab, think of all that lovely incoming traffic. And all they had to pay for it, was one soul. Transformation from a Wikipedia critic forum, to a Wikipedian's social club.

What makes me laugh, is that it wasn't even an issue that directly affects Beeblebrox or is very urgent or important. He has simply passed on what is effectively a work request. An external complaint about a Wikipedia issue registered by a long retired wikishit, has been placed on Wikipedia by his new forum bestie Beeblebrox, in the hope others will action it. Which they have unquestionably, because, well, what other uses does power have on Wikipedia?

The evil intent on Beeblebrox's part, since, him being what he is, you have to always consider what the evil intent is, is particularly cruel. This act seems to have purposely been designed to reel the once retired user back in. And it's already looking like the love match is rekindled, 25+ edits in one day and counting, is proper fallen off the wagon stuff.

The Wikipediocracy staff will be fine with that, their new social club vibe means most members would need to be actively engaged Wikipedia editors, in order to kept he bar well stocked in fresh but very minor workaday issues to chew the fat over it.

Stuff that they once used to dismiss as inside baseball. Don't hear a lot of that term over there anymore. Stick with what they know works, I guess. Clickbait!

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