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For serious discussion of the "major" forum for Wikipedia criticism and how it fails.
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Earthy Astringent

Post by CrowsNest » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:13 pm

Anyone know this guy's Wikipedia account? Someone who thinks Eric Corbett was a victim of culture warriors, and who doesn't believe closing the gender gap would benefit Wikipedia, absolutely has to be one of the small band of troglodytes involved in the GGTF Arb case.
IMO he’s a fantastic content developer, despite his many problems working collaboratively. The problem is the culture warriors who have an agenda on the beurarcay (gender gap, Mos, Jew taggers, etc) and the stalkers and enemies he’s collected who hound and poke. And in return they get a dose of Eric. “If you don’t want to be called a cunt” comes to mind. While this was fabulously entertaining from a drama point of view (keep those Arb pages filled!), it was a complete waste of time with respect to building an encyclopedia.
The argument that closing the gender gap would complete the sum of all human knowledge isn’t even facile. It’s entirely baseless.
They obviously admire Dennis Brown, which is understandable, since Dennis is thick enough to think Eric is a victim of a culture war too.
Dennis, I’m too lazy to figure out what Crowsnest is complaining about. What’s your TL;DR take on the matter?
What is the purpose of this thread? Dennis is a nice enough fellow, here and on Wikipedia. Has he made mistakes? Sure, and he is honest enough to own up to them.

If I had admin privileges here, I’d lock this thread or move it to the private board. Just my 2 cents.
He's unsurprisingly also one of those editors who thinks the WMF needs to do all the grunt work for them - a belief he shares with Eric and Dennis and other assorted retards. The following was said in the context of deficiencies in the category system, deficiencies which actually either don't exist (these morons apparently being unaware of tools that do exactly what they want) or have actually been made worse by admin friends of Dennis, who think screwing with the category system to make pathetic points, like defending little weasels like Eric, is a fun thing to do.
WMF Should step on and override policy and just make it happen.

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