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Meet Wikipediocracy's newest member. Bizarrly, he was attracted to the site after being told John Carter was claiming there that he was behind attempts to hack John's Wikipedia account, as part of their ongoing wiki-feud. Yet another data point in the 'John Carter is a crazy fuck' file.

As he has settled in these past few days, it has become clear MjolnirPants typifies a lot of what drives and motivates Wikipediocracy's current membership (and so he will likely fit right in) - whiny little bitches upset with small apects of Wikipedia, but too scared to campaign for the necessary changes to Wikipedia on Wikipedia, that would make them happy (but too much of a whiny little bitch to shut the hell up if indeed the only reason they're whining is because they recognise they're never going to get what they want).

Having bragged in one of his early posts about his talk page edit notice, which apparently greeted people with a middle finger and a nasty message in the WP:ABF manner which certain entrenched Wikipediots easily fall into, he was aggrieved to see Bbb23 put his foot down and delete it. Unsurprisingly, his belief that his edit notice was perfectly acceptable and entirely within policy, doesn't extend to forcing the issue by reporting Bbb23 to WP:AN/I for censure. It's cowardice like this that Wikipediocracy seems to like and wants to reward.
17:50, 10 March 2018 Bbb23 (talk | contribs) deleted page User talk:MjolnirPants/Editnotice (this is a disruptive editnotice and shouldn't be used)
Naturally, there's reason to believe he's a sock, and of course there's some obvious candidates if a penchant for a middle finger edit notice is a window into his soul.

Unsurprisingly, he is one of Bishonen's little protectorate, she of course being the Queen of all editors who bitch about things they don't like, and who even disrupt/subvert things to make their fellow editors know exactly how annoyed they are, but who lack the guts to bring about the change they want though the mandated means - WP:CONSENSUS.

Serious critics know the Wikipedia consensus model is a sham, working in theory but not in practice, but serious critics don't then persist with the farce of being a Wikipedia editor once they realise it. Not for serious critics are the assorted excuses dissatisfied and dissafected Wikipediots often come up with to justify their continued participation in Wikipedia.

There's lots not to like about this guy (and oddly, a lot you can agree with, so he's not a total moron), and you'll find, given his penchant for over-sharing, that you can get to know him quite easily.

If you're time poor, probably all you really need to know about him are these three things.....

- he thinks Larry Sanger's vision of neutrality is stupid

- he is an avid supporter of the 'joke category'

- he has turned his talk page TOC upside down

These three things alone are enough to convince anyone they're not sufficiently across all things Wikipedia to be making the sort of comments or stances he does.

Informed readers (and those not informed but with the time and intelligence to research) of Wikipediocracy will be able to spot that, and therefore their site's reputation for lacking serious intent in meeting their goals, will continue. Their reputation as merely being a meeting house for disaffected Wikipediots with bizarre opinions about what is right or defensible, who are otherwise still wholly addicted to the cult, will continue.

Here's a worrying exchange between board admin Midsize Jake and MjolnirPants....
I'm not really trying to upset you or "call you out" or anything. (Just so you know!)

You can never upset me by disagreeing with me.

Jake has rather screwed himself there, because in his apparent desire not to scare his newest recruit away, he's screwed himself. Because it is of course pretty fucking easy to show that MjolnirPants is a very angry man, particularly when being disagreed with. Exhibit A....

https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?ti ... dit_notice

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