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Postby CrowsNest » Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:22 am

I'm sure this will infuriate the crow, but it can continue to suck. All I've seen from it when it gets proxied for are pathetic insults, rather than a refutation of points made.
To be clear, you're the same guy who, when Timmy presented you with one of my 'home runs", all you could muster was....
Nothing a deranged bird writes is ever required reading.
Was that a refutation, or a pathetic insult?

I don't get the constant proxying for the crow or whatever it calls itself now.

It howls to itself non-stop in its echo chamber. Why give it a voice? Anyone who wants to suck can post over there.
Timmy explains it very well. I write the home runs that knock your half assed shit out the park. It behooves you to address them, if you want to be seen as what you claim you are.

I write the stuff that makes mighty Vigilant say this.....
I don’t check there anymore.

It’s just too nutty.
Some sort of rage induced dementia is what I've been thinking.
I've destroyed the bloke's reputation, the last vestiges of which have now disappeared as he descended into being a conspiracy theory pushing nutbag.

He said come at me bro, and I did, and HE CANNOT DEAL.

He's not coming back from that.

You, I don't even care about. Who even are you? A nobody. What can you possibly say or do of any actual substance, that hurts my reputation as a barn storming critic who defeats all his enemies, foreign and domestic? Nothing. Home runs baby. Time after time after time (Timmy never honestly writes up my stats).

What you got? Stay over there and pretend I don't exist? Lame insults?

Spoiler alert, it's been tried. You're looking at the results in your comrades.

Seriously, do something that would signal to a reader that you value your reputation as a supposed critic. Any dumb fuck can live an easy life in his safe little bubble surrounded by acolytes and yes men. Look at Vigilant. For lack of combat, he grew fat and lazy, and the signs of dementia are screamingly obvious.

Dazed and confused, he lashes out mindlessly.

Silly Jake.

I did warn him
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Re: 10920

Postby JuiceBeetle » Thu Sep 26, 2019 3:59 am

Moved anyone's post regarding Vig to What is Vigilant?
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