Wikipedia's newsletter needs an editor. Groundhog Day indeed.

Because no one else is doing it--not even the media.
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Wikipedia's newsletter needs an editor. Groundhog Day indeed.

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Thu Apr 29, 2021 12:49 pm

The SignPost needs a new Editor-in-chief. Quel surprise. ... the_editor

Sixteen have held the role in all now, for a publication that has only existed for sixteen and a third years.

Smallbones is claiming that his brain fog from contracting COVID is the reason he can no longer continue in the role.

People will undoubtedly insert their own jokes there. I was going to refrain, but fuck it, the opportunity is too good to miss - that fucker was born with a cognitive disability.

Hey, I didn't say it would be a funny joke. Funny enough for the humour section of the SignPost no doubt, as we recall how Smallbones only had to take over because the previous EiC thought transphobia is hilarious.

It's funny, because it's true. Bless his heart, Smallbones has been nothing but a consistent advocate for the alleged public benefits of Wikipedia, and this bankrupt idea that it can somehow, someday, be reformed.

Therein lies his actual god given disability. Retardus Wikipedus, as it will hopefully be diagnosed in years to come. Aggravating factors: American society, American schooling, American delusions of grandeur.

Fucking tits.

You don't need to be a psychologist to realise the real reasons why Smallboner is stepping down. Why even he, couldn't last long enough to be anything but the third longest serving EiC. And why he actually sort of admitted them in his own resignation letter.

He is....

* burned out
* tired
* feeling guilty about neglecting his family
* fearing another lost summer spent indoors

It is my sad duty to inform him, and all you Wikishits, these are the known symptoms of Retardus Wikipedus.

As is also known, those with the worst cases, take longer to succumb to the illness. But succumb, you always do. It has a hundred percent mortality rate.

Luckily is not a pandemic, but sadly, infecting just one human, has a multiplying effect on wider society. Sufferers are known to contaminate many others with what comes out of their word holes, with a tiny few becoming super spreaders themselves, and there is next to nothing that governments can do about it to protect wider society, because America.

He hung in there, sure, but compare how easily a Wikipedia zeaolot like this gives up on his task, compared to others involved in just causes. He was no MLK.

He succumbed, because his task is immoral. Hitler had to give up on his cause, because, well, y'know.

Trump, RexxS, Jytdog.

Quitters, one and all.

Compare it to myself. My fire, my zeal, my unabashed hatred for Wikipedia and their apologists, Wikipediocracy, is undiminished.

I will never tire, I will never retreat, my family can get fucked if they think I think their love is more important than killing Wikipedia. Only joking.

Unlike people like Vigilant and Poetlister, I'm so good at this Wikipedia criticsm lark, it comes so easily, and takes so little of my time and energy, my family has never once looked at me and thought, is he OK?

I live in the northern hemisphere, and it's been a shitty Spring so far, unseasonably wet and cold, (thank you again, American politics), and yet my arms are already almost back to their nicely tanned state. This is not from work either, I neither drive a truck or dig the road, but from my hobby. My literal spare time activity.

Full of Vitamin D and good honest hatred, mine is a fire that will burn forever, and Wikipedia criticism is an activity I will always have time for, but without letting it affect my actual life, just like all just causes.

Defending the truth and standing for justice is easy.

Smallbones is as close to a die-hard believer as Wikipedia has ever had.

And he found it hella hard, standing up for Wikipedia, criticising Wikipedia on Wikipedia's terms. Credit where it's due, he at least wasn't half the sellout as Wikipediocracy are.

And so he is done.

The truth of Wikipedia has never been more clear. The people in it for the long haul, and can manage it, fall into two basic groups. The cunts, people whose interests don't align with the goals of Wikipedia and whio recognise and take advantage of its flaws, and the selfish bastards, the people who have no real interest in Wikipedia beyond the dopamine hit it can give them.

This is why it's proven to be so hard for Wikipedia to find, and keep, an Editor in Chef of its community newsletter. The cunts aren't interested in factual reporting on Wikipedia, that would harm their interests, and the selfish bastards also naturally have no interest.

It's a task that only interests the true believers, and they will never last, because they believe in a cause that is immoral, unjust, and just plain riddled with holes, right from the Foundation stones made of cheese.

Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia, and the volunteers do not represent a community. Quite the reverse.

These are truisms. Undeniable facts.

You know this, because they don't appear in Wikipedia. Anywhere. Nowhere in Wikipedia, is it acknowledged that a so called reference work where the reader is obligated, LEGALLY OBLIGATED BY THE TERMS, to check every single word they read against a given source, a source that DUE TO WIKIPEDIA'S FAILURE TO HONESTLY MARKET WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS (not an encyclopedia), has to also then be checked to see if it hasn't been polluted with the increasingly ubiquitous pseudo-knowledge of Wikipedia, which is hard if not IMPOSSIBLE to do, and certainly isn't done by most readers of Wikipedia (CONTRARY TO THE LEGAL TERMS OF USE), which they know fine well, because they know as well as us that people who read Wikipedia for any other reason than to simply laugh at how useless Wikipedia is, are objectively, OBVIOUS RETARDS.

A tough gig, therefore, to be the chief promoter and type setter for the community newsletter of an encyclopedia called Wikipedia.

There is a reason why Wikipedia, like the Second Amendment, nuclear weapons and fried things on your fired things as a thing, were conceived, and flourished, in America, at the hands of Americans.

You're just that, well, stupid.

Exceptions like Bill Maher exist, but Billl Maher is about as perfect an example of someone who would be quickly frustrated and banned by the Wikipedia community, and who would be literally laughed at and banned by Wikipediocracy, as you could hope for.

Bill Maher's long standing (he'd been saying it for literally years) predictions that American politicians clearly didn't have a realistic plan for what to do if Trump didn't concede the election, and therefore the tradition of a peaceful transition of power was genuinely under threat, did of course come true.

You had a transition, but is was neither peaceful, nor normal. Wikipedia didn't help, of course, because Wikipedia, not being a neutral encyclopedia in any way, shape or form, is steeped in the tradition of defending and protecting absurdities, up to and including anything a Democrat politician says is a normal and functioning aspect of American democracy.

What's that I hear from Sellout Jake? An apology? An admission of error?

Nope, it was just a fart, a temporary exhalation of air, as Beeblebrox shifted the position of his penis up your rectum.

Clown shows are what you do, Wikipedia and Wikipediocracy are typically American entities. Your government mirrors your education system, and your education system mirrors your internet, and your internet is mirrored by your free encyclopedia.

The SignPost serves a use as a mirror of Wikipedia itself. Their stories are typically dumb, deaf to fact, deaf to reason, open to propaganda and wishes as alternatives to reality, and thus duly commented on only by retards for retards.

It is fitting that one of Smallboners last approvals, was a piece that glorified the chance of wikishits to influence protests through the media, with no reminder or even care, that they ensure their imagery is a fair reflection of reality.

Smallbones won't be the last zealot to take on the role. But mark my words, it will be a cold day in hell before the SignPost's record of attracting and retaining editors comes to resemble the way a serious newspaper does it, a serious publication like The Daily Maii.

The one newspaper in Britain that has never been embroiled in a legit media scandal, much as it pains the wikishits, such as, to pick not so random examples, the time The Guardian ran with a staged photo sourced from a left wing campaigner, or the time the Mirror ran with a staged photo of alleged Britsh military atrocities.

Left wing media, taken in by left wing activists.

There's a reason The Guardian was the chosen contact of the ban initiator, who was as eager to promote the impending Mail ban as the newspaper, who Jimmy Wales was of course a Board Member of at the time. The lies travelled far and wide, before the Mail's right of reply was even known. Sadly no scandal, but thankfully nobody else seems to have been convinced.

Both the Mirror and Guardian were considered acceptable sources long after the Mail was banned by Wikipedia. One still is. The Guardian is what Smallbones used as his medical resource, to diagnose his brain fog. That's how much of a dyed in wool wiki-retard he is.

It's funny, because it is true. Paul Dacre took the Mail from strength to strength, such that its actual banning by Wikipedia has had literally no observable effect. All while American news media continues to be what most Wikipediots think are the worst faults of the Mail. CNN are openly biased, preferring emotion and insult over objective reporting. Fox News et al, are nothing but mouthpieces of the American tradition of racism and guns.

You fucking wish what you dipshits have said about the Mail was true, but it isn't.

The fact that the justification for the ban has only ever appeared as objective fact in Wikipedia's internal swamp, and not in any reputable reliable and unbiased source, not least one with a reputation for studying the media, shows it to be what it is.

The fever dreams of Wikishits. The stuff and fare of.......your community newsletter. The mirror of your warped souls.

Wikinews had ambitions of getting accredited reporters right into the seat of power, as well as all the other dumb shit journalists do these days, like interview Katherine Maher I guess. Probing questions, albeit with an understandable editorial bias toward the idea the movement is a good thing.

Until you killed them, that is. Strangled them in the womb, no less. What a terrible thing to do to your sister project. We know why. Wikipedia is not the news, except that it is. You covet the power, you just have none of the morals.

That's what you do to journalism. That's what Wikipedia did to the news media, at least those parts of it that cater to Wikishits.

That's how much you value reporting, done with the right checks and balances to ensure objectivity and neutrality, as well as basic factual accuracy, while still allowing the freedom for identifiable and understandable bias, an editorial position, a liberty afforded all those not regulated by the state, a state that, in our country at least, also had the good sense to provide a decent public broadcaster, with chartered neutrality.

But no, Wikipedia is a better alternative.

This is you. Smallbones is you. The best you'll ever get, in such a role, and bless your cotton socks, you actually think he did a good job too.

Next man up, as they say. Because, y'know, it's not like it will be a woman, is it? :lol:

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Re: Wikipedia's newsletter needs an editor. Groundhog Day indeed.

Post by ericbarbour » Sat May 01, 2021 10:41 pm

Rage about Ekman all you want--the insiders will keep protecting him.....most "sane" organizations would have tossed him by now. Not Wikipedia, they LIKE their deranged Jimbo-talkpage-patrollers.

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