Tiffiniy Cheng brags about the SOPA shutdown

Because no one else is doing it--not even the media.
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Tiffiniy Cheng brags about the SOPA shutdown

Post by ericbarbour » Tue Jan 18, 2022 10:40 pm

It's the 10th anniversary. So, she had to brag.

https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20220 ... ened.shtml
This day in November seeded a death by a thousand cuts: Redditors, YouTubers, and the then astute 4chaners were ablaze with ideas, like boycotting the domain registrar GoDaddy for being, weirdly, a SOPA supporter. With hundreds of thousands more people mobilized against SOPA, our coalition decided to call for a full shutdown of the Internet. I spent weeks building consensus with the community behind Wikipedia, one of the ten largest sites on the web, so that they could do something that was absolutely unheard of.

So, on January 18th, Internet users rose up, and the Internet shut down for a day. People couldn’t access at least 115,000 websites, including the biggest ones, Wikipedia, Craigslist, and WordPress (which powers 40 percent of the web). Because millions of people were contacting congressional inboxes, they too were completely shut down. Lobbyists and legislators weren't allowed to think about anything else. The very next day, Congress did an about face on SOPA and shelved it. Because we were the news on that day, we defined political reality.
And again I must point out: this was a fluke. If Madame Cheng had to do this again, she would probably fail--because WP is now run by deletionist patrollers and angry little boys who think it's a videogame. Seriously doubt they would take marching orders from Fight For The Future, whether Jimbo supported it or not. My suspicion is that FFTF has "blown its wad" and is now slowly fading away.

PS, any bets this is either Cheng, or one of her minions?
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