"WP Doesn’t Know What to Do With Almost-Famous People"

Because no one else is doing it--not even the media.
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"WP Doesn’t Know What to Do With Almost-Famous People"

Post by ericbarbour » Thu Jul 25, 2019 12:47 am

https://onezero.medium.com/wikipedia-do ... 776193488c

No shit, smartguy....Wiki-nits sometimes use Twitter histories to get info on people.

And here's the Nicholson AFD, which was only ten days ago. It was being written by her YT fans--allegedly. Most people voted for delete, but a few cuckoo-clocks voted to keep. There ya are, kids: Wikipedia's brokenness in one itty-bitty package.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia ... _Nicholson

I could give this blogger all kinds of rancid BLPs to look at. Doubt he would follow up. Try to contact him:

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Re: "WP Doesn’t Know What to Do With Almost-Famous People"

Post by CrowsNest » Thu Jul 25, 2019 1:40 am

Surprisingly good piece actually, absolutely nails the basic flaw of Wikipedia - works in theory, not in practice. Even expands on the main reasons - editors are lazy, stupid, and largely disinterested in how it feels to be a victim of Wikipedia, which is a bad fit alongside the ridiculously large dragnet of notability that they defined early on, and the fact a small minority of eidtors are just complete and total fanboys. Even shows the Foundation is largely disinterested, just trotting the same old tired excuses, a desperate plea for more participants. Always good to frame these pieces around a single case study, stuff that is not so easily dismissed, while at the same time having obvious parallels with other cases to prove the institutional nature of it all.

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