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Post by CrowsNest » Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:43 pm

I don't think I have ever seen a sentence like the following, in a Wikipedia list....
to put the list in chronological order, click the small "up-down" icon
It only appears in one list, "List of pioneers in computer science" bizarrely enough, and while not initially obvious, the reason why the man who added it might have done so, looks awfully likely to be because it was in his mind that the list was or will be getting lots of views from women and girls looking for inspiration as to their chances of carving out successful careers in the tech industry.

For that nominal task, the list itself is properly rubbish, but in comparison to noting the mansplaining, that seems almost a banality, its reasons well understood by critics, if not the media, pseudo-critics or the Wikipedians themselves.

This patronising note, whose odd nomenclature rather obscures the fact it is talking about two little arrows whose likely purpose must be obvious to anyone capable of browsing the internet, man, woman or child, was added to the list in December 2018, and has been seen by hundreds of readers ever since. That is the sad truth of where Wikipedia stands today, in its efforts to fix its gender problem.

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Re: Mansplaining

Post by ericbarbour » Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:04 am

That's the first time I have EVER seen an attempt to explain the sorting functions in WP lists. Usually there's nothing at all to tell inexperienced users how those up-down buttons work.

Perhaps all of the lists should have it. But OF COURSE someone would have to add it to thousands of list articles, and the 'valued volunteers' are too busy writing crap and deleting other crap.

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