Unread post SHOCK! HORROR! Admin corruption in Azerbaijani!

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Unread post SHOCK! HORROR! Admin corruption in Azerbaijani!

Post by Graaf Statler » Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:19 pm

https://wikipediocracy.com/forum/viewto ... 24#p238465

In case you missed it, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia ... ion_report is rather clear on what would certainly have the WMF paying closer attention to the admins of other wikis as the community is currently voting on a proposal for MASS DESYSOP, removing the mop from EVERY admin, and handing responsibility to global sysops and admins for 6 months.

A good start for this kind of small crap wiki's. And a lot of SanFanBan's of course.
It's a pretty small wiki. There are two crats and 15 other admins. Of those, one is obviously some sort of pseudo account as it has no edits.

A small wiki is of the best thing you can wish as a paid editor, a POV pusher or a troll or a bloody fool with a huge mental defect. On this kind of wiki's develop itself a kind of toxic symbiose between these groups what at the end takes over a complete small wiki and it is a matter of time till a kind of North Korean regime establish itself. Sponsored by WMF in the form of grands for the chapter and protected by abitrol and the shit drome bombs of Trolling&"Safety"
It's an abuse bot. All projects have them now. It's like cluebot, but everywhere.

A better name for this kind of bot's is fucking troll bot's. Ask Vigiliant for more info.
Or Drmies or De Kolonel. Or, in the lower troll segment Bart Versieck legal, Edo, and many other guy's with autism. What is Bart Wikipedia Legal doing with links to all kind of trolling on WP-NL in my mailbox all the time? Fucking WMF's troll bots. Hoping I click on those links he give of trolling, hoping I post again on WP, on discord he was begging me to do so!
These troll bots are Vigliant's nightmare and trolls there wet dream.
I would have thought it more logical to note the twinnings existed for several years and then were overturned, but that's not how it has been done. ^^

another day on Wikipedia...

Everything in life is a choice, Bezdomni. And WMF chose the low and easy way, and ignored this warning out of 2013.

But the low hanging fruit is most time not the best fruit and the easy way most time at the end the hardest. That is what Abd and I are saying all the time. We took the hardest way possible, and WMF and Jimmy and many others the most easy way and look where we ended up.
And what way was the easiest way at the end do you think?

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Re: Unread post SHOCK! HORROR! Admin corruption in Azerbaija

Post by ericbarbour » Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:29 am

Graaf Statler wrote:A better name for this kind of bot's is fucking troll bot's. Ask Vigiliant for more info.

At this date I would not ask Vigilant to wash his own ass, because he would probably do a terrible job.

The twats know DAMN WELL there were problems in any Armenian or Azeri content areas, much less the WPs for those languages. They have known for many years.

Book wiki:
Arguments between ethnic Azeris and ethnic Armenians on Wikipedia were probably a foregone conclusion, considering the centuries-old disputes between the two countries. As soon as the Soviet Union collapsed and the KGB was no longer interested in maintaining order in the Caucasus, these two ethnicities went right back to their endless hillbilly war. And of course, it was carried forth onto Wikipedia, which proved to be an excellent place to fight over trivia. Note that the history of this Wikipedia dispute is so complex and chaotic, a full account is probably impossible to write. It is rumored that similar battles are occurring on the Armenian and Azeri language Wikipedias, neither of which were very active projects, until 2013 (see "Government editing" below).

Also relating to this battle are the ongoing attempts by Turkish editors to kill off the Armenian Genocide article. First created in 2002, brutally fought over and repeatedly deleted/restored since then, as of 2016 it is 228k bytes long--making it one of Wikipedia's longest articles. In typical Wikipedia fashion, editwarring simply makes an article longer, not necessarily better. Related articles were started and received similar treatment. [1][2][3][4][5][6]


Too many to list exhaustively, too many sockpuppets to catch. This list begins with the disputants in the arbitrations, there are undoubtedly hundreds more accounts involved. Some Iranian and Turkish subject editors showed up to support their fellow Muslims in neighboring Azerbaijan, or to attempt a neutral path, and found themselves in a morass they could not escape. The disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region is also a center of related violence in the real world, and simulated violence on Wikipedia.


*Fadix, alleged to be a major sockpuppeteer
*MarshallBagramyan, wrote much Armenian content
*Yerevantsi, author of the absurd Chess in Armenia: "rabid Armenian superpatriot ... who is "gifting" English Wikipedia with hundreds of articles that appear to be directly translated from ar-WP and serve no good purpose except to glorify every trivial thing possible about Armenia. He also generates "priceless" articles about utterly obscure Armenians like Mkrtich_Khrimian." [/list]


*Artaxiad, alleged to be a massive sockpuppteer [7]
*Azerbaijani, changed his name to Hajji Piruz, also a pro-Iranian editor, opened arbitration 2
*Dacy69, supposedly a sock of AdilBaguirov
*Grandmaster, an actual writer of good content for Azeri-related articles, harassed relentlessly
*Alborz Fallah, Iranian
*Pam55, connection is difficult to determine
*Houshyar, connection is difficult to determine
*Hetoum I/II/etc. etc., major sockpuppeteer
*Brandmeister, major pest

Neutral, can't tell, etc:

*Elsanaturk, a relatively neutral Azeri dragged into the mess involuntarily
*AlexanderPar, Greek editor dragged into the mess involuntarily
*Batabat, Hungarian
*Ehud Lesar, Israeli
*Pejman47, can't determine his loyalties
*Behmod, Iranian, accused of evil socking
*Parishan, did content work on Azeri articles
*Ariana310, now called Cabolitae, Afghan, relationship to dispute is difficult to determine
*Meowy, a gigantic crank with unclear loyalties, permabanned
*Makalp, Turkish, tried to negotiate truces, failed
*Hakob, now called TA-ME, loyalties impossible to determine
*Babakexorramdin, Iranian, reason for involvement difficult to determine
*Khoikhoi (T-C-F-R-B), left Wikipedia in 2012
*TheDarkLordSeth (T-C-F-R-B), also fond of getting into Greek-Turkish squabbles, banned by Tim Song in 2010. Still editing Wikipedia occasionally as of 2016.

Administrators Tariqabjotu, Dominic McDevitt-Parks, Andrew Leonard, Carlos Suarez and others were also dragged in, and accused by both sides of partisanship.


It should be noted that there were many mediations and arbitration requests that were rejected, these are only the most obvious cases.

Case 1, February-April 2007, assembled by Dominic McDevitt-Parks, and bearing an impressive list of parties. Many were blocked temporarily, many alleged sockpuppets were blocked permanently, yet the war continued. Arbitrations such as this are major reasons why Arbcom has proven to be overworked, scattered, and ultimately ineffective.

Case 2, the principal arbitration in this area, June-August 2007 and repeatedly amended, bearing an even more impressive list of parties. Hundreds of blocks and restrictions were handed out, yet the battle continues.

Ehud Lesar, January-March 2008. A bizarre mess involving permanent blocks, somehow.

There are some arbitration enforcement pages involving editwarring of the Nagorno-Karabakh subject area. Many of them involved Brandmeister. [8][9][10][11]

Government editing

Interestingly, in September 2013 it was revealed that the Azeri government was running a Wikipedia editing organization, similar to WikiBilim (see Kazakh Wikipedia). They were greatly expanding the Azeri-language Wikipedia, and apparently had editors working to sanctify members of the Aliyev regime in the English Wikipedia.

Similarly, in December 2013 news reports of an Armenian editing organization began to appear. [12] They claim to be an "independent" nonprofit organization with no direct ties to the government, although they appear to be generating "patriotic" material about Armenia. And: it "is being led by Colonel General Seyran Ohanyan, Minister of Defence of Armenia". A major result: a 2014 "patriotic" PR campaign called "One Armenian, One Article", in which every Armenian is encouraged to add material to Armenian Wikipedia.[13][14][15][16][17]

Further notes

A 2016 Wikipedia Sucks forum thread brought up another notorious Turkish/Armenian editwarrior:

"Our editors, who are entirely committed to the proposition that the Armenian Genocide of 1915-16 was a genocide as defined in international law, were trolled by the established editors at the article and actually blocked from it by Arbcom. The principal editor at the article is one EtienneDolet (T-C-F-R-B) (there is a street commemorating ED running off the Holocaust memorial in Armenia) who appears to be a semi-literate individual of Armenian extraction still at high school when he began editing at the article. We valorize his taste in painting here on our website."

"EtienneDolet originally edited as Proudbolsahye i.e. "Proud bolsahye (Armenian) = "proud person from Armenia living in Turkey". He edits, however, from IPs that locate to California, USA, and his knowledge of Armenian (and English) is rudimentary. Started the article Organization of Istanbul Armenians, a not for profit organization based in California."

Mentioned on Wikipediocracy in 2013: "Plus, the editor who inserted this nonsense about the six tanks, Proudbolsahye (T-C-F-R-B), appears to be an Armenian super-patriot who spends a lot of effort on articles about various Armenian people. Then he pushes to get them onto DYK. You have to wonder what other "facts" he's put into other content. I suspect he's been involved with the Armenia/Azeri editwars, given what he's written about Arshavir Shirakian. (Yes, he's been dragged to AE, or dragged others, a few times. He never gets punished.) I suspect you could scrape through Proudbolsahye's contributions, and find more falsifications. He's already been reported at CCI and has an SPI. He's been doing this since 2006......"

Randy Lee Everette was involved in this chaos, for reasons that remain unexplained.

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Re: Unread post SHOCK! HORROR! Admin corruption in Azerbaija

Post by Graaf Statler » Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:03 pm

The serious politic chaos in our continent start in the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and the more east you look, the worser it gets. Azerbaija is the ultimate banana republic and of course you get all kind of political influences in your wiki with the WMF approch of one size fits all, and we trough a few bones with some flesh on it over the fence.

Because what happened? The hyenas started to fight and the wolves run away with the flesh and leave a few bones for the hyenas. You wil never, never get any good result. It is complete madness and a spoiling of good donor money. We have seen the result in Europe of this approach, a complete fake Pirate Party was holding virtual marches through the streets of Europe at the end, and professional female victims who are crying they are grap in there pussy's what is probably there greatest wish.

Sexual harresment is a serious matter what need of course attention, but must not change in some weapon against man. I mean accusing a gay autistic boy what those massive gender bitches beat down with one uppercut is complet squats. Have you ever seen a picture of Romaine? I think he weight hardly 60 kg, a deaf clearly mental handicapt boy who is in general very polite.
And have you seen most of the gender "lady's"? Ever seen a picture of Moira and that autistic guy's type Romaine in here street what made her so scared and ended up by the wiki Ombuds Commission? I think only the appearing of Moira in the opening of her door had been enough for years of nightmares for that guys!

Give me a break with all this sad suffering!

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