One hilarious reason why Commoms has such huge backlogs

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One hilarious reason why Commoms has such huge backlogs

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Tue May 04, 2021 12:56 pm


So, a decade ago Bishonen uploaded an image to Commons, a picture of a soft toy Rhino pushing along a gift basket. Obviously taken in the room of a small child she had just beaten to death, as part of her daily get myself ready for Adminning Wikipedia workout. I did. She wakes up ready, the fucking bitch.

It's a copyright violation, naturally, but one thing that has never really changed about Wikipedia, is that you can be an Administrator there without having even a basic understanding of copyright, so you do dumb things like that, and nobody cares.

Who knows how many similar violations exist on Commons. I am being facetious of course, it's probably only a drop in the ocean. But if you're a hard working Commons editor looking for a reason to quit, here it is from the Queen bitch herself. ... 51#Commons

Not that anyone would ever dare to even suggest Bishonen had done anything wrong here, not on her home turf anyway. The correct, indeed the only mandated approach to Bishonen, is to lick her thigh length black boots and beg her forgiveness for even having the temerity to bring issues of her incompetence to her glorious must instead ideally be helpful and suggest ways she might be able to continue to be Bishonen, but just in a more, y'know, less illegal way.

As anyone with an ounce of copyright and Wikipedia understands, there's not a hope in hell that image would even qualify for being hosted locally under a fair use claim. But bless them, they try their best to find ways to please her majesty.

As she says to the underliing there though, rather hilariously, she's not bothered if it gets deleted now that someone at Commons has finally got around to noticing it, because it long ago served its purpose.

Not going to bother deleting herself of course. Can't. Not an admin on Commons. Which is a feather in their cap, I suppose. Commons shouldn't have Admins that are clueless about copyright, just as Wikipedia shouldn't have Admins that are pure evil. One out of two ain't bad I guess.

She doesn't say what that use was of course. My best guess, it was a pictoral gift to whichever underlings were supporting her the most at the time, in her quest to have it established that it's not conduct unbecoming for a Wikipedia Administrator to call a user a little shit.

Won that battle, against the mighty Jimmy, didn't she. You can see the results here. People literally kissing her butt, their tongue right up her ring piece, just because she has all the power to decide who wins and who loses at the game of Wikipedia. With one stroke of her evil keypad.

Unquestioned, unlimited, power. The power to do things as daft and toxic to Wikipedia as block someone for simply saying Beyond My Ken is literally a psychopath. The power to suppress truth itself.

The mystery of why Wikipedia is a literal horror fest, a sick medieval society, is solved, yet again. Get better Admins. And find the balls to get rid of the ones who never should have been Admins.

And just generally stop kissing butt and being so obsequious all round. You are all meant to be equals, you know.....

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