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What does it take to upload a file?

Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2021 12:33 am
by Jake Is A Sellout
The technology report in The Signpost. ... ogy_report

Skip past the boring bit, to the comments section.

It illustrates really well, what an absolute clown car show Wikipedia really is.

And by that I mean the Wikipedia Movement. Because, contrary to recent claims on the clown car Wikipedia criticism site that is Wikipediocracy, that is a real thing. It does exist.

A collective of people, some paid, some not, all working together to do stuff like....upload educational images next to educational text, forming something that people will find useful.

It exists.

It is just, well, shit.

Disorganised, dysfunctional, disintegrating.

And this is after twenty years of toil and effort. :lol: