Systemic bias, closer to home than you might think.....

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Systemic bias, closer to home than you might think.....

Post by CrowsNest » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:46 am

So, it's well established Wikipedia has a systemic bias problem, that it's editor demographics manifest in massive over-representation of stuff like video games and other white people shit, and under-representation of things like women in history and anything to do with Africa.

But did you have any idea that the problem manifests much closer to home? Did you ever imaging that Wikipedia would simply not have a place in its hallowed walls for an article about, which is according to reliable sources, "by far the biggest Irish diaspora website", attracting over two million unique visitors a month? ... =836294131

Did you ever believe that Wikipedia, in its apparently now woke state thanks to all the criticism, would still not have a place for an article on a website whose use of the rotation curation Twitter account (@ireland) to air the voices of minorities (with the inevitable backslash from Planet Trog) not only attracts the attention of mainstream digital media, it actually gets mentioned in books......actual books! ... 09851.html ... er-ireland ... r-4137779/

A History of Irish Biography
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 9781108548458

Cyber Ireland: Text, Image, Culture
ISBN 9781137386540

It's saying something when even the Irish diaspora can't get recognition or representation in Wikipedia, the white man's encylopedia.

I suppose it could be an evil conspiracy of those Brit bastards trying to suppress those cheeky imps the Irish again, but I see no evidence for that. The answer is more easily explained by what explains all of Wikipedia's systemic bias - the lack of cultural diversity of the editor population.

As well as, of course, the shrieking of the anti-paid editor crowd, who evidently cannot understand that if their miserable roll call of a couple of hundred active editors aren't going to fill their own glaring gaps in coverage, at least on a timescale of a decade, then people like website owners who, even with their COI, still know fine well what their place in the world is, are going to pay for it to be done. The only shame here, is they must have paid peanuts.

Per WP:SOFIXIT, I could absolutely fix this on behalf of my Irish cousins. And I'd do it for free, just to piss Jytdog off. I just don't want to, because I'm not the sort of idiot who wastes my time trying to fix a project that can never be fixed, and will be never be fixed. Certainly not until it disassociates itself with the likes of Jytdog and dethrones the gender traitor Queen Bishonen.

Wikipedia needs to be burned to the ground and replaced with something that actually works (if we are to assume an encyclopedia of websites is a thing the world really needs) and who better to do it, than a bunch of pissed off Irish?


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