[Wikiversity] Who can edit wikipedias ?

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[Wikiversity] Who can edit wikipedias ?

Post by Kato » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:41 pm

Q: Who can edit wikipedias ?
Ans: Any computer (or mobile phone) connected to the internet can edit a wikipedia. It usually isn't even necessary to create an account to edit one of the less reputable wikis.

Wikipedia is a corrupt and immoral enterprise, and humanity's thirst for knowledge would be better served if it was destroyed and replaced

There are various cultural ways that the Wikipedia community ensures that the principle that anyone can edit isn't really true. Basically, if you've just arrived and don't have much of a record of constructive editing, then you will be accorded a much lower social standing - the practical effects of which mean you will be shown less respect and given less leeway for mistakes. You will also be more likely to have your work undone, often without any explanation at all, and you will generally be treated as if you are a disposable part in a giant impersonal machine, not a potentially valuable member of their community with skills and knowledge to utilize for the common good.

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