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MoiraMoira (NL)

Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:14 am

Many times before I said I don't know the English Wikipedia but slowly I start to learn most of the protagonists and I see someting strange. The English and the Dutch Wikipedia are build up in exacte the same way and that is strange. Because we are speaking about two community's, and if you look for instance to the German Wikipedia it is build up structural different.

They both have or had a very powerful female wiki manager. Had because as we know Moira is kaltgestellt to use a nice German word.
Admin Bishonen and admin Moira play about the same roll. They do or did a lot of work. I can say the same about Moira as Crow said about Bis, find me any other Administrator with this power. There isn't one. Both wiki's have the same lynch mobs and kangaroo court. Drmies, the powerful crap sysop is out of what you could call the Dutch school, and is operating in exacte the same way with his sock Natuur12 on WPNL.
This must be a designed business model and not something what has formed itself by the "wisdom of the crowed". Otherwise both Wiki's had been different.

I think there is no better proof there is a cabal active on both Wikipedias what is close connected. There is no other explanation because the command structures are identical, both Moira and Bishonen play or played the same roll. Doing a lot of work and being the chef and being in the same time a tremendous jerk and misusing there power. In this field Dmies is playing a double roll with a sock. Both wiki's are controlled by troll farms with a clear and organised identical power structure. This is corruption.

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