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Serial Number 54129

Post by CrowsNest » Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:20 am

Formerly known as Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi, this guy has long been a classic example of a Wikipedia Tolerated Asshole, someone who thinks their contributions, standing and alliances give them certain allowances, and as such, he is unsurprisingly a part of Queen Bishonen's Court and can regularly be seen licking Drmies' ring. They truly are the mommy and daddy of all the worst Wikipedia has to offer. It is little compensation that she at least wears the trousers in that power couple.

But this really caught my eye.....
You don't like being called out on your incompetence, Legacypac, then don't do fucking incompetence in the first place. Expecting me— or anyone, frankly—to take the blindest bit of notice of anything you say merely reiterates the point. ——SerialNumber54129 07:45, 29 January 2019 (UTC)
There's more than a shade of the Eric Corbett around that level of vitriol, and as if you needed any more proof of its sheer Ericness, yes, Administrator Ritchie was on scene quickly, not to block or even warn, but to essentially endorse the behaviour by asking him to simply calm down, even though everyone knows Ritchie wouldn't do anything if he just ignored his Authoritah. Not least because Ritchie would never survive blocking a Ward of Bishonen.

Just like Eric, aside from the necessary grooming of the Alpha and Beta, he most enjoys spending time with Iridesecent and Ritchie, which is a clear sign he falls into the camp of Wikipedians who hate how Wikipedia is run, at least theoretically (far too much focus on civility, far too little support for Vested Contributors), but are too addicted to leave, and for all their bitching and moanng, don't do too badly out of how it is run in actuality. As an example in his specific case, it is almost laughable that this piece of shit has just one block for personal attacks on his record, and that was lifted on a promise of reform. In 2015!

Someone should probably advise this wannabe ferret fucker that in the end, Eric was notably unable to call on the support of Bishonen after he let his animalistic tendencies go too far, and the Wikipedia is a very different place for WTAs when the only Administrators you can call on for support is the likes of Ritchie and Iridescent. I mean, Ritchie will come, for sure, but he can achieve little when it comes to battles between the Big Beasts. And relying on Iridescent is like relying on the local drunk to have your back in a streetfight. He may or may not be an effective ally, but his participation often has little or nothing to do with him remembering who you even are. As for Drmies, well, if the wife has cut you loose, the husband will definitely be unable to offer anything but thoughts and prayers.

It is hard to believe he wouldn't already know this is the situation he is in, this is the reality of his Wikipedia provided social network. I guess that's the thing about addiction, it either makes you blind to it all, or otherwise hope beyond hope that what must inevitably happen, will somehow not happen.

He may last longer than Eric - and the lack of a comparative block log certainly shows he is smart enough to do what he needs to do when he needs to do it - but if this cute variation on Eric's most infamous line is any indicator, his shit is unravelling.

His stats already indicate he is on the downslope. And the stats do indicate something rather unfair in my comparison to Eric. He at least was focused on writing the encyclopedia. Maybe that helps him, Eric did suffer in the end from having been essentially friendless outside of the weird currency of social worth the Wikipedians use, but then again, maybe it doesn't. Ritchie would certainly look like a bit of a prick defending this guy as one of the valiant coal miners who just want to be left alone to concentrate on the critical task of mining for coal. Licking butt takes time, time not spent mining.

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