The problem is, madam Maher........

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The problem is, madam Maher........

Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:20 am

The problem where it is all about, madam Maher is article13 is not at all about free knowledge. It is about not-free knowledge protected by our strict copyright laws.
And of course you can dislike copyright laws what exist from around 1900 on in Europe, but isn't not a bit strange a American lady, the director of a well know foundation is asking a audience to fight for something what is illegal? Are you willing to fight for the right to break the laws of your country? Because that is where Madam Maher is asking for.

Because that is a strange thing, isn't it? Copyright violations on a lage scale can even be a crime in Europe and I have given the example of a kid what used a 200Px picture on his private website who had to pay 4.000 euro. And still are you telling us on your twitter Fair Use and CC licences can replace copyright. Yes, that is indeed posible with your own work, and if you have a close look is that exact what Creative Commons in Holland claims. Because Creative Commons Netherlands has studied the possibility's with real lawyers, and not with fake wiki lawyers. What I am too, a fake lawyer, with one different, I know where I am talking about and will, never, never claim any professional skills. Or have received money for my legal skills. From the first moment on when I came in the wiki house in 2009 I have told my level of education is extreem low, and I am not a lawyer. And I have often repeated that.

Met een Creative Commons licentie behoud je al je rechten, maar geef je aan anderen toestemming om je werk te verspreiden, met anderen te delen of bij sommige licenties ook om het werk te bewerken.

Creative Commons in Holland is talking about giving permision to use your work, and not about the use of work of others. And article13 is about the use of work of others, so it can never affect free knowledge. And in this way a part of the free source mouvement is spreading disinformation, because you can't give work free away by claiming fair use for the simple reason it doesn't exist here. You simple can't give the car of your neighbour away. So, maybe was this een beetje dom? And was that global ban what you have approved of me maybe also een beetje dom?

(*Een beetje dom, a little bit stupide refers in Holland to the tremendous blunder of our king to quote a letter of the dictator Videla to defend his father in law. Maxima declared later it was a bit stupid of Alexander, een beetje dom what was the understatement of the century of course. From that moment on is a little bit stupide, een beetje dom synonym for a tremendous blunder in Holland. Here you can read in Dutch the whole incident. But we all have forgiven him this because he was in love and you can't blame the daughter for what her father has done.)

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