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Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Apr 02, 2019 1:00 pm

Somey wrote:Okay, but if you ask me, to suggest that Mr. Statler has turned against someone "for no reason at all" shows a clear lack of appreciation for his ultra-high-level, "eight-dimensional chess" style of thinking.

I should be dammed careful with that typical ultra-high-level, "eight-dimensional chess" style of thinking. of Statler, because to my own surplice I am always complete right, Somey. That was the same in the Euro crisis, without having any inside information i predicted the appointment of varoufakis as minister a few days before it became public and much, much more.
How can I understand the complete structure of Europe, understand the most complex legal matters, be on the level of the European parlement without leaving my house, hardly reading any newspaper, and without having any contact with other people? Whit a education of three years primary school in five years? If you have the answer please be so kind to give it because I myself have not any explanation. Not any. But I don't care because it is complete out of my field of interest because I am building a LGB model train and that is where my focus is on as you know and absolute not on Trollopedia or Bart.

I was only sick and tired of all kind of the cheap tricks of the Dutch wiki comity who where using Bart as a very strange as a straw man with all kind of links to wikipedia trolling, and fishing if I really knew Mr Ausma. Hundreds of time I have told Bart/them, I have send EdodeRoo, Wikimedia-nl, WMF and a few people as our Eric a pickture of me with a old pasport in my hand with my picture, my name and birthday and place of bright. That must be enough. I made a appointment with Mr Ausma so Edo could phone him the next monday after his crazyy mail. Edo didn't. Right?

The rest of my conversation with my lawyer is just as confidential as with my cardiologist, it is simple not there business. But it seems they can't understand that. Edo had his change, I gave him a number and the time he could ring Ausma. No, I had found the number of Ausma on his website according to Edo. Not a word was true I ever had told.
Fine Edo, Ok Edo, All right Edo, but if you made the choice not to ring, and not to believe it was me on that picture, why should that be my problem? Leave me alone! And that was the reason I said fuck off to Bart. And why our Eric said fuck off to you before, Bart. Lately. And I hope Zoloft does the same.

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