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Put your money where your mouth is Julia Reda!

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:59 pm
by Graaf Statler
[url]]»Sexismus gehört im Europaparlament zum Alltag«[/url]wichtig ist, nicht vermittelbar.

Haben Sie im Europaparlament Sexismus erfahren?

Ja, Sexismus gehört im Europaparlament zum Alltag. Das beginnt damit, dass gerade ältere Kollegen regelmäßig sexistische Äußerungen in Sitzungen tätigen.

"dass gerade ältere Kollegen regelmäßig sexistische Äußerungen in Sitzungen tätigen" "Older colleagues in particular on a regular base make sexist statements in meetings"

Do they, Frau Reda? Do you have examples? Because you claim sexism is a daily practice in the Euro parlement in that article, a serious accusation. Special by older colleges. So where are the evidences, Frau Reda? Because the Europalement has a special commission to invest Sexual harassment, well, it must be very easy to produce evidences. isn't it Frau Read?

Do you know Frau Reda what I think? I think it is about time the Europarlement start to invest the phenomena Frau Reda and the Pirate Party, that is what I think frau Reda. Because it is very, very hard to believe for me all that older MEP's are sexists. But you never know this is true or not so a investigation would great! Can they also have a look at the many lies Alex Voss claims they told.

Re: Put your money where your mouth is Julia Reda!

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 1:25 pm
by Graaf Statler
Well, the Jullia Reda shitstorm has stopped anyway.

No new rubbish after 19 april anymore.
It was rediciles what this woman was saying and claiming. She was living in a not existing political universum and was only predicting complete Utter Fucking Romaine=wikimedia and Mdd Bullshit.
Retweeted by the wiki top. Julia Reda, the mean factor of the free source resistance on Jimmy talk. The wikishit spreading Reda cannon has silenced.

Most of the time I have spend from 2009 on was to tackle the Free Source Mouvement lies. I had to learn to write English, to study internet law, to look for the combinations and connections, it was a hell of a job. Millions and millions they have spoiled, they are even honoured by our king. It is beyond comprehension..

And I? What have I got? A big mouth from everybody included Guido den Broeder and not even a chocolate bar! A Wikisage ban and a Global ban of WMF.
Not even one thank you or a digital flower. And even on trollocrazy Vig started to insult me and to dox me and Somey loved it! He love those guys!