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Primefac for Bureaucrat

Post by CrowsNest » Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:38 pm

A walk over, obviously. ... p/Primefac

I pissed my pants at this part of Tony Bullshit Artist's nomination statement....
He has been one of our most frequent and trusted closers of contentious RfCs, and he is able to weed through the noise and focus on the quality of arguments and policy like virtually no one else I've seen on this project.
Primefac of course was one of the five Administrators who deemed the Wikipedia community to have had a thorough and detailed examination of the Daily Mail's reliability. Every single one of them has of course kept their mouths firmly shut when asked to explain how they could possibly have came to that conclusion, given some of the utter bollocks that was said. A clear cut case of a fraudulent statistic from the nominator no less (now long since blocked as someone utterly incapable of following BLP, but shhhh, the Wikipedians certainly don't like to be reminded of that), the sort of statistic that would have persuaded countless dim witted readers to support the ban, didn't even rise to the level of warranting a comment from this panel.

Their deliberations as they weighed up the arguments are apparently sealed as some kind of Wikipedia state secret. Was there even any discussion? You tell me. "Editors are encouraged to discuss with each other and apply common sense" isn't the sort of comment that someone who has actually read what the ardent supporters of the ban had said, would have made as a closing recommendation, since they would have known it had not a hope in hell of being obeyed. Does Guy Macon sound like he possesses common sense? The guy is a fucking retard at the best of times, and for the purposes of the Daily Mail, an absolute zealot, as that so called debate proved. I don't know about you, but I consider the role of the closers to call out the retards, to stamp down hard on any and all patent bullshit they offered up in the debate, especially in a case like that, where the community at large was not minded to.If

Unsurprisingly, when specifically asked for an example of a tough close in controversial circumstances, the one that was arguably the single most important act of his entire Wikipedia career, certainly the one with the most wide ranging and serious consequences, consequences for the reputations and careers of living people (as stated by Guy Macon ad nauseum, if you work for the Mail, then according to Wikipedia you are committing fraud on a daily basis), well, it just sort of slipped his mind. Funny that.

If you want a guy to rubber stamp the usual slow of mind and corrupt of heart bullshit pulled by the Wikipedians as they pretend like they're capable of having adult conversations for the purpose of weighting arguments and evidence, then Primefac is clearly your guy. You would expect nothing else from someone who has Ritchie333 so firmly behind them. Ritchie knows a dumbass when he sees one. Like looking in a mirror.

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