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Uhhhhhh Jimmy.........

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 8:18 am
by Graaf Statler

About this what you retweet.

No matter how you vote, it's time for young people to register and turn out in this year’s European Elections. It's time to #VoteForYourFuture.

Jimmy, in Europe you don't register yourself for elections. Never. You just get a voting pass in your mailbox and vote and that is all.
So this is not a call from a European voter, it must be fake. It is created by someone who is not living in Europe or does't know Europe. And for the UK the European votes are extremely unimportant because they are almost mute in Europe because of the Brexit so it is complete nonsens. And it is a American style political claim, not a European. Who made this did a very bad job because from milles away you see it is a fake call filled up with mistakes. Why are you as the fact checker and fake news fighter of this world retweeting clearly fake tweeds?

I really don't know what new goal you have found for your twitter pimping Jimmy. Because here are hardly any campaigns for the European elections, there is almost nothing about it in the newspapers and no, the pirate party is not one of the candidates. Because these elections are not very important for us European voters, politics are made in the national parliaments and not in the European parlement. As I have explained before is the European parlement more or less a market place for the European country's with a few overaged European politicians and a often drunk Junker. We doen't have much direct political influence there. Voting therefor doesn't change much.

But is this the start of the new Jimmy twitter campaign look how important Europe and Romaine->Wikimediiaiaia and Dimi, the political animal and political scientist where in the "hot political summer" Jimmy? And look what a interesting goal was our "Brussels Advocating Group" with trolling Romaine with the fastest bot in the world? Meta data mixer Romaine on Commons who's meta data all of a sudden appeared in a few high quality pictures form his mobile phone? And all the same? And when I asked him the computer of his girl friend had mixed it it all up? That Europa=>Romaine, Jimmy? Your European Pirate hero?

I told you before Jimbo, nobody here takes care about your beloved Jullie Reda pirate party bullshit, your social justice bull shit in general and I hope soon also not about your twitter shitstorm anymore. The only thing what can ever be hot in the Europarlement is the soup and the coffee in the restaurant, Jimmy. Don't try to fool us again with your wikishit and twitter shitstorm. Once was enough.

Re: Uhhhhhh Jimmy.........

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:19 pm
by Graaf Statler
I just find out in England you have to registrar you once to vote. But this elections are so shitty and so unimportant that very little people will do that or even vote. European politics is far out of our field of interest, of our influence, you don't hear about it, it is just there.
A few granny's and granddads are send there to defend there national interest for there party. Whatever you vote is not important because will change really nothing.
Mit Opa nach Europa, with granddad to Europe, it is only important in the eyes of Jimmy I am afraid.

Re: Uhhhhhh Jimmy.........

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 3:44 pm
by Dysklyver
Graaf Statler wrote:I just find out in England you have to registrar you once to vote. But this elections are so shitty and so unimportant that very little people will do that or even vote.

Yes we need to register to vote, and fill out a declaration every year to stay registered. But unless it's a general election (for the Westminster Parliament) then the turnout is normally dreadful, and the candidates are terrible. :?

Re: Uhhhhhh Jimmy.........

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:42 am
by Graaf Statler
Here in Holland you just get a invitation in your mailbox when you are over the 18. But it is here about the same, the elections for the parlement may have any attention, but in general elections are extreem boring with indeed often complete uninteresting candidates and in practice elections change very little to nothing.
Special European elections and elections for the city counsel. Don't have the illusion the street are filled up with campaine teams or the TV channels are showing only political commercials. It is just a day like all the others, the only different is people vote for five minutes or not. No, it is not the exiting Jimmy tries to make out of it.

It's all in line with the twitter Julia Reda hype. I am sure if I go to the supermarket and say to hundred people the first one who tells me who Jullia Rerda is get that 100 euro I return home with my hundred euro. Or Article 13, the same story. It was only hot on the wikipedia hero's there twitter, but for the rest the world turned without it here in Europe.

It is simple foolish and childish what they are doing.