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Bbb23 admin abuse

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:40 am
by Larkin
Has Bbb23 been reliably doxxed yet? I just did a search here (I've been away a while) and it seems not.

Re: Bbb23

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:15 am
by Kumioko
Not that I know of.

Re: Bbb23

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:17 am
by Larkin
Kumioko wrote:Not that I know of.

No. I was hoping to close my Wikipedia blog website down with him as the trophy, but it looks as if I'll be denied. Maybe I'll have to keep it going a while longer (you seeing this Drmies)!

I do find the conspiracy theory that he's CIA quite plausible.

Drmies: Nah... relax. I'm closing it. Hosting expires October and shortly thereafter those googling your "real" name (which at the time you were dropping all over Wikipedia and Commons) will not be met by a catalogue of assorted varieties of a vulgar term for the female genitalia we spent a memorably gezillig avondje devising. It's fully archived on Wayback though.

Bbb23: Be a sport! Come on out of the cold. You deserve a posterity. You know where to find us (god knows, you've surfed us long enough).

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Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:00 pm
by ericbarbour
Almost missed this thread. I will quote what little the book wiki contains. My money's on Tim Hardcastle for what little that is worth.
Real-world identity still unknown. Rarely commented on, he is easily one of Wikipedia's worst deletionists. Absolutely no traces of his real personal history have ever been uncovered. Despite having created this account in August 2008, the first visible edit was in January 2009. Large parts of his edit history appear to be missing. Right from the beginning, he fought with others to get things deleted, squabbled over creationism routinely, and did very little content work. He reached adminship in July 2012 despite a long and ugly history of editwarring. "Oppose Bbb23 has a severe case of owning articles. Portillo (talk) 06:32, 16 July 2012 (UTC)" Bbb was deeply involved in the Adnan Oktar editwar, and continues to watchlist the article to insure it remains negative. Like SheffieldSteel above, he is suspected of being a sockpuppet. By 2017 he had blocked more than 20,000 user accounts and deleted more than 20,000 pages.

In April 2014, he blocked an IP address that was making minor, and harmless, changes to biographies, and carefully reverted every one of the changes. It appeared totally pointless.

A personal correspondence on Wikipediocracy with a user called "Mr. Wallace" led to him/her making this interesting set of comments:

"Interesting a user on RationalWiki called Credulous contributed to the Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya article there and disappeared the day before BBb23 was created on Wikipedia. [59] According to this edit, he had contributed to the SkepticWiki site: [60] The only other person I can think of is Tilman Bayer. He is known to have anti-creationist views and his userpage HaeB was created at roughly the same time as Bbb23 was created." (sic)
Another possibility: a hardened skeptic and geologist from Las Vegas named Tim Hardcastle, who also went by the names "DrAdequate" and "Actualist". [61]Even a photo[62][63][64][65][66] "Interestingly he has since been banned from the forum in early 2010."

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Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:52 am
by CrowsNest
When I went off-wiki to have some dinner and watch a great British mystery on TV, I figured our friend had a few options, one of which was to go to ANI (or AN) and complain about my warning. Of all the options, I liked that one best because it meant some other admin (smarter than I) would block the user. Trolls are so predictable.--Bbb23 (talk) 02:27, 9 October 2018 (UTC)
Basicalyadmitting that when he banned someone

The gathered Wikipedians tugged their little plungers in orgasmic delight at this one. He is basically admitting to having trolled a st00pid n00b, while also feeling no shame at claiming it is the n00b in this scenario who was the troll.

I have a feeling they will be regretting it.

Bbb23 is wise to keep his identity a secret. Now we see why. He should stick to saying nothing, this is deplorable behaviour even by their standards.

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Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:51 am
by Dysklyver
CrowsNest wrote:Bbb23 is wise to keep his identity a secret.

For sure, he will have identified to the WMF at some point though.

Re: Bbb23

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:31 am
by Kumioko
Well one way to confirm is if someone creates an account and periodically drops messages on Bbb23s talk page like Good afternoon Tim or Good morning Mr. Hardcastle and then ask a Wikipedia related question. If they Oversight the question, then that confirms their identity.

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Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:29 pm
by exposingBBB23
Just banned by BBB23 this week! He is pure scum. Accused me of paid sockpuppetry when I switched accounts to preserve my privacy, which is well within Wikipedia rules. Someone dox this scumbag. Apparently he’s a creepy old man who lives in France and has a taste for underage boys and girls. Sick man. :?

Re: Bbb23

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:43 pm
by exposingBBB23
Bbb23 blocked me this week by accusing me of ‘paid sockpuppeting’ without bothering to investigate. I switched to a new account for privacy reasons and suddenly I’m a paid sockpuppet? He’s a total moron. I made edits with high profile news sources and that got me permanently banned. It’s guys like bbb23 (a piece of total SH**) that make me hate Wikipedia. Someone please expose his identity once and for all.

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Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 5:13 am
by tyc
Glad to see I'm not the only one who finds him annoying. It feels kind of cool to have been blocked by the CIA though.

I guess that explains why I only got targeted when I begin to counteract edits by the Israel-backed Zionist machine who kept removing all references to Dor Hadash having held a bris the day of the Pittsburgh shooting of the 3 synagogues, despite dozens of mainstream sources mentioning it, and two of the witnesses.