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What had Graaf Statler written on Jimbo Wales his talk page?

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 8:31 pm
by Graaf Statler
What had I written. Because the coward Vigilant not only avoid any responsibility by not answering the question if and what he had to do with the Statler SanFanBan I will tell you what I wrote. Because he publish only the last fragment what is really cheap! How can anyone sink so low.

Mister Jimbo, they called me a Troll on Dutch wikipedia. They blocked me twice, indefinitely , ok, the first time they were right because I had over 15 sockpuppets, and the other blocks were only a for shorter time. A TROLL ,THEY CALLED ME! DO YO HERE ME? A TROLL!!! What kind of organisation is this? They also blocked me on Wikimedia_Be because I called someone a Monkey. Only once. And on Dutch Wikimedia because I asked a few questions. YOU ARE A TROLL!!!! Graaf Statler (talk) 09:59, 26 November 2015 (UTC)

This was what i wrote at the end.

And for the rest I wrote in a very polite on mister Wales his talkpage the Dutch Wikipedia and Wikimedia had complete failed. After I was blocked bij Natuur12 because my work was not copyright.
Ymnes had asked for that block and a global ban as we all know because I had only asked Josq, coordinator copyright infringement to have a closer look at his work and of some other users. What costed me instantly a block of 3 mouths. But that was not enough, it had to be changed in a Global Ban. We all know the horny blink of Trijnstel to Ymnens. Complete corrupt! That was all, I wanted to tell mister Wales there was something wrong with copyright on WP-NL. And yes, at the end I got angry and wrote this last quote because mister Wales and the others didn't take me serieus.

And if Vig indeed had under his belt what he claimed he has a while ago he should publish my whole posting and not only a fragment, and tell in public what his role was in the Statler SanFanBan affaire. That should be having balls under his belt!
And not cowedly posting private not relevant info. Because I was declared 100% mental healty and he only tries to hurt me. Because his "diagnoses" and "analyses" are complete worthless just like he is himself. A professional opinion is the only thing what counts and not the analyses from some half crazy nitwit.