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Still waiting for the answer, Vig

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 8:44 am
by Graaf Statler
What was your role in the Statler SanFanBan, Vigilant. because that question is still open and unanswered.

And what else can we expect in your smear campaign? My relation form over 30 years with the same woman? My business succes? The fact I am from a high class Dutch family and have a good relation with all my family members although we don't see each other much? That we are living in a very good neighbourhood in a villa? What other points can we expect about of my miserably live, Vig? That I had never any problem with the police or the tax authority's and not even one fine in the traffic the past 30 years? Is that enough to justify that good ban, Vig?

Shall I tell you something, Vig? I leave the judgement over the mental state of both of us to the readers although I have to say I didn't know in America the patient had acces to the internet in the mental hospitals. Every day I learn new things about Amerika.
And do you have these problems most times before, or after you have taken your medicines? And is there a adres were I can send a small donation to for the fund to buy some sweets or other treats for you and the rest of the patients?

Because there is something terrible wrong with you in your head, my friend. Because your behaving is far from normal, just like your complete reaction is on the Lomax law case. It is the behaving of someone with a massive mental defect, but mark I am only talking about your behaving and where you belong in my opinion. Simple, in a clinic. Because I am not qualified to diagnose people. And someone how is deep involved in this blunder bans and who is desperate trying to cover his ass. Because that is what you are, isn't it Vig? Deep involved. A simple yes or no will do.