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You could probably write a million words about this toxic piece of shit and his previous wiki crimes.

I prefer to kick this thread off by highlighting what he is today, what protection by Administrators like Bishonen can build you up into, in the Wikipedia community of 2019. ... =904146626

Behold, the sort of prick who openly uses their Wikipedia talk page to make some pathetic argument that funding or encouraging initiatives like Wiki Loves Pride 2019 on Commons is not something Wikipedia should be doing.

His motive is clearly not the waste of money, it is this bizarre idea that being supportive of LGBT issues somehow excludes others.

I think we know what Giano's issue is. An old white straight dude of Italian extraction sees a threat in the "promotion" of these wicked ideas, over and above other apparently equally acceptable beliefs. Which I'm guessing are a hot mess of bigotry.

This guy is never getting banned from Wikipedia under the present culture. As you see there, the best they can hope for is for someone else to remove one single comment, and for him not to throw a fit. The overall issue of what he is saying and why, from all the toxic swill that is allowed to remain, is ignored. Not because many Wikipedians don't find it wholly offensive. They just fear the consequences of reporting it.

As has happened for years and years, every single thing Giano does that shows that at his very core, he is an enemy of everything the community supposedly stands for (barring the Tradionlist's ideal of it being merely being a giant free scribble pad for people not remotely recognized as competent writers, academics or historians anywhere else, to do their stuff, and viciously guarding it against anyone who wants to do anything to it except polish their grand erections), is ignored.

The charmed life of Giano, in a community he was arguably never right for, but has now inarguably been outgrown by (in theory). A better example of Queen Bishonen's enduring power to piss right in the mouths of the community she supposedly exists to serve, you will not find.

How apt, of course, that he thinks in these terms.....
A divorce from Commons is long overdue. Giano (talk) 21:03, 23 June 2019 (UTC)
Um, it's not a marriage? The official language is 'sister' project. Not that Giano disowning his sister for coming out as gay is something you can't also picture him doing.

Sun Jun 30, 2019 4:44 am
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Of course, what made Giano pretty unique, was his fondness for issuing Prophecies of Doom, like this recent example......
Doubtless some hope the whole subject of Eric Corbett will now magically disappear; however, as he was one of the project’s major contributors his departure won’t quietly fade into the sunset and oblivion. Admins and Arbs had better get used to the reverberations of their actions, because I suspect they will be echoing for some considerable time, and censorship of views will only increase the decibel level. Giano (talk) 18:57, 17 September 2019 (UTC)
He's made quite a few of these sort of predictions in his time, and I don't think a single one has ever come true. Perhaps explains why they seem to have morphed into generic warnings, rather than the sort of very specific promises or ultimatums he used to issue before.

As for Eric, it looks to me like he was forgotten about in double quick time.

Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:14 pm
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