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Bradv at RfA

Post by CrowsNest » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:00 pm ... ship/Bradv

Unsurprisingly, the douchebag whose bad faith, careless and clueless actions as an AfC drone triggered the Donna Strickland controversy, is being waved through his Request for Administrator rights.

Rather than admit he screwed up and simply apologize for causing that debacle, like a true Wikipedia Administrator (like one in particular in fact), he wrote a self-justifying essay that seeks to blame everyone and everything but himself, and clears him of any wrongdoing using some rather specious logic.

He claims he learned a lot from that incident, but of course he doesn't say what. Has he, for example, learned the error of assuming a brand new editor trying to write about an academic and using only non-independent sources, is trying to abuse Wikipedia for self-promotion? Has he learned that while the ballooning Wikipedia bureaucracy says that such people have to be treated like shit because that is apparently what AfC is for, it doesn't follow that he has to blindly obey immoral orders? Has he learned that Wikipedia's General Order No. 1 is don't be a rules bound box ticking asshole, especially not to newcomers?

He seems to have genuine issues with self-reflection, contrary to the claims of his nominator. When given the chance to give an example of when he thought he had screwed up, as well as the easy answer, he also obliquely refers to a conversation he had when new to his role as Arbitration Clerk. We are apparently supposed to look up the specific incident ourselves.

Most recently of course, Bradv retired from that largely insignificant post unless or until the Foundation stopped trying to destroy Wikipedia over FRAMGATE.

If Wikipedia was truly capable of effective self-government, people like this wouldn't even get near the positions of trust.

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