Third party block appeals are now allowed, but discouraged.

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats blecch!
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Third party block appeals are now allowed, but discouraged.

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Sat May 08, 2021 3:41 pm

A classic example of Wikipedia nonsense. Lunatics meet asylum type stuff, it really is. ... of_others?

I just fucking don't even...... :roll:

A whiny little bitch's charter. A literal license to be a total child.

Eric Corbett.

He may be gone, but he is not forgotten.

Oh what a legacy. :oops:

Now, you can not only tell other editors to fuck off, you're allowed to go into a right huff if an Admin mistakenly blocks you for it!

Just pout like a spoilt little child, and wait for mummy or daddy or your annoying little friends to scream and scream and scream until the injustice is rectified, and honour restored.

Someone will sort it out for you, on your behalf, even through there is literally no technical barrier to you speaking for yourself. Let's not even pretend this was for or about the mobile app, because that's just bullcrap.

And now, the mega pout is not just one of the unwritten privileges of being an established editor in an unofficial social hierarchy, it's officially helping Wikipedia, by rule. If you had any friends, you too, as a complete n00b if wrongly blocked, could invoke your right to be a brat. If you had any idea this rule exists. Which you won't. Stupid fucking n00b that you are.

There will be people out there who think, that can't be right. That's fucking mental.

It's Wikipedia. Fucking mental is what they do.

The perceived, and of course entirely mythological, rights and ranks of the precious little losers who invest the most time and energy into the encyclopedia that isn't an encyclopedia, are paramount.

It was a total ball ache for them, with third party appeals banned, when trying to square the circle that certain editors have pride, and Admins sometimes make mistakes. Especially when the Admin hadn't really made a mistake, and the prideful editor was simply getting an unblock because he's popular.

Kind of a bad look, to keep doing that without an offishul seal of approval. Kinda looks like what it always was.

What's up with that shit, you making an exemption to your rules just so you can reward spoilt little brats with lots of friends, someone might say.

Now they have cover. Such as it is.

We don't really need a time machine to know that this wouldn't have stopped Eric Corbett from reaching his inevitable parting of the ways. But we can let them have their dreams I guess. They did so want to believe he wasn't an absolute cunt to his core, and it didn't matter a damn how you treated him. That the issue really was somehow how other people treated him, not his innate unsuitability for a project that claims all users are to be treated equally. Ho hum. lesson learned. Not.

The next third party appeal will of course be an absolute shit show too, it will just involve some slightly different words, in a slightly different order.



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