The "Administrator's Newsletter"

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats blecch!
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The "Administrator's Newsletter"

Post by ericbarbour » Sun Jan 22, 2023 10:11 pm

Keep forgetting to mention the "Administrator's Newsletter". Started in 2017 by SamWalton9 and Leon "MusikAnimal" Ziemba, quietly. I did not see any public announcements elsewhere. They can't even apostrophize it properly.

book wiki:
Ziemba is one of Wikipedia's most powerful insiders and one of its least known. Mostly a vandalism patroller, he claims to have edited since 2003-04, has used at least two declared sockpuppet accounts (called "Fiend666x" and "Fiend666"), became an admin in April 2014 and checkuser in September 2016, and was hired by the WMF in 2016. All of his primary account's edit history prior to 6 July 2011 was destroyed.
The newsletter is not a BAD summary of recent admin activities, arbitrations, elections/promotions, RFCs, changes to policies etc. But reader beware, it is unlikely to be a complete and reliable reference. There is a long and distinguished history of Wikipedians lying and falsifying their own database to cover up major embarrassments. Said practice continues.

Example: They "skipped over" the recent mass desysop of 97 admins, under "level 2". The change to this policy was announced in the December 2022 newsletter. But not the desysop.

If you ever see an admin complain they "don't know what's really going on", chances are good the asshole has never heard of this newsletter, and probably gets their "WP news" from IRC or Discord mushmouthing. Bad idea yet I keep seeing it happen.

Buried in a 2019 Signpost, this is the only mention of the newsletter I found.
The Signpost is not the only active publication here on the English Wikipedia. Other regular distributions include the Administrators' newsletter, the Guild of Copy Editors' reports, the Scripts++ newsletter, and WikiProject Portals' regular updates. Global publications are also available for reading, including Meta-Wiki's Tech News, Wikidata's Status updates, or the French Wikipedia's Wikimag. A new directory includes inactive newsletters and syndications of the Signpost. Editors are encouraged to add missing newsletters to the directory.
This list was linked to.
Note how many of these things are "inactive". Perhaps the fools should put the "Wikipedia Weekly" podcast under "inactive", since it's basically been dead since 2017. An attempt to revive it as a livestream video series ended in 2021.

But hey!!! Everything's just great and peachy-keen in WikiHeaven! You got yours and I got mine!
(Quote from the obscure movie Eraserhead. I think it is appropriate since Wikipooodia tends to run like a David Lynch movie; surreal, insane, stupid and ridiculous all at once. Lynch described it long before it existed.)

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