Is Elonka going to be desysopped soon?

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats blecch!
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Is Elonka going to be desysopped soon?

Post by ericbarbour » Sun Feb 18, 2024 3:15 am

She's rarely mentioned today due to VERY low activity on WMF sites. But prior to 2009 she was a holy hellraiser--made a LOT of enemies, and was a regular subject of oft-deserved abuse on Wikipedia Review.

She has repeatedly and openly edited her own Wikipedia biography, and gotten away with more COI abuse, manipulation, logrolling, backstabbing, you name it, than I can even estimate. The worst Wikipedians of all time seem to "protect" her. Even as of 2023 she was still watching her BLP. I have an unreadable mountain of dirt about her.

You wanna see a golden example of COI abuse? She's your bitch. (In more ways than one.)
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Re: Is Elonka going to be desysopped soon?

Post by Dr Mario » Thu Mar 07, 2024 5:35 pm

She does look like Bitch if you ask me, and she has been made an admin back in 2007: ... p/Elonka_3

so she has had best part of 16 years to abuse her posistion

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