A farewell to Andrevan

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A farewell to Andrevan

Post by Philomath » Wed Apr 03, 2024 3:21 am

I missed this one during my absence. Down goes Andrevan! He was one of the 5-10 people who interacted with me the most on Wikipedia these past few years.

I, for one, am glad to see him gone. He was a real blight on Wikipedia, especially in the area of modern politics. He acted like he knew everything, but he constantly made basic errors in reasoning, and seemed completely incapable of distinguishing between "facts" and "opinions".

I remember him saying, sincerely, that if 80% of the mainstream corporate media has the same opinion about a political issue, that opinion should be regarded as an objective fact on par with scientific consensus. :lol: :lol:

Anyone that pushed back against his elementary school-level reasoning was accused of being "right-wing", "Russian", or "anti-Semitic". I have never seen someone on Wikipedia assert their editorial opinions so aggressively on a topic they knew almost nothing about. The hubris was so overwhelming that it was almost impressive on some level.

Although I will not miss Andrevan, and his absence is a net positive for Wikipedia, it doesn't sit right with me that ArbCom can permanently ban a prominent, 10-15+ year Wikipedian, with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. I'm sure there are many precedents for this, but still. They should have to publicly disclose *something* about their decision-making process, in my opinion.

Maybe they figured out that he was editing on behalf of US intelligence? I'm 90% joking, 10% serious. I once said that, even if Andrevan isn't editing for the CIA, his editorial stances are indistinguishable from what a CIA plant would write, so there's substantively no difference.

In fact, from the US intel perspective, a non-affiliated editor that sincerely believes and disseminates CIA propaganda is even more useful than a paid CIA editor - they work for free, and they give the agency plausible deniability. I think the term is "useful idiot". That is how I will remember Andrevan.

Anyway, does anyone have any information on why he was banned?

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Re: A farewell to Andrevan

Post by badmachine » Wed Apr 03, 2024 4:41 am

Philomath wrote:
Wed Apr 03, 2024 3:21 am
Anyway, does anyone have any information on why he was banned?
the same day he took a wikibreak, Nableezy posted this to Andrevan's talkpage:
== re: email ==

Please dont email me. '''[[User talk:Nableezy|<span style="color:#C11B17;font-size:90%">nableezy</span>]]''' - 15:21, 28 December 2023 (UTC)
maybe Nableezy knows. :jerkoff: this and this makes it look like i/p tho

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Re: A farewell to Andrevan

Post by ericbarbour » Thu Apr 04, 2024 5:15 am

That's only one item about Andrevan's stupidity in the book wiki. Wasn't the worst admin, not the best--more of a side character.

From the Ryan Bushby/Chillum/HighinBC article: Andrevan gave sysop power to one of Bushby's sockpuppets. I never found any "official approval" of this. Bushby was one of the worst administrators I've ever seen. Could go on for days about Bushby's Wiki career.
The Until(1==2) account, which was given sysop powers secretly, led to a notorious scandal.[7]

00:20, 22 July 2007 Andrevan (Talk | contribs) changed rights for User:Until(1 == 2) from (none) to sysop (Resysopping of previously self-desysopped user who edited under a different account (If you wish to see proof of this, contact him or I by email))
He first showed up in 2003, and passed a VERY early RFA. That alone makes him a real pioneer. See how pathologically nerdy they were? Andrevan did some good work, spent years begging for bureaucrat rights over and over, finally got them in 2007, and abused them occasionally. And in classic WP style, he was forced out by Beeblebrox in 2018. Can't tell which is a bigger asshole.
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