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Toxic Wikipedians 
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I've just seen one of the usual suspects claim that the word toxic is too vague to be used in a debate about civility on Wikipedia. Echoing past attempts to justify the unjustifiable, it was even claimed it has different meanings to different cultures.

In a word, horseshit.

The dictionary definition suffices. That is true for the literal definition - poisonous - and the one given for its cultural applications - very bad, unpleasant, or harmful - as in, toxic relationship, or in this case, Wikipedia editors with a toxic personality.

The suggestion having been registered with a specific call-back to Jimmy Wales' original usage .....
There are some users who have a reputation for creating good content AND for being incredibly toxic personalities
Now who here seriously has the brass neck to claim this isn't the perfect word to describe editors like Eric Corbett? Even his own wife would agree, fed up as she is with being seen as a second class citizen in her own home, Eric talking about her personal life on Wikipedia without her permission just to win some argument where he was trying for the five hundredth time to argue he's not the problem and he's certainly no misogynist, like a right clueless fucking asshole.

Jimmy's usage was spot on, especially since we basically know he was referring to Eric Corbett and all who sail in him. His conclusion neatly dovetails with the dictionary definition of harmful......
This a tough one but my view is very simple - most of these editors cost more than they are worth and should be encouraged to leave
Take a look at the pathetic figure now cut by Eric Corbett, finally sitting out a lengthy block because the Board reminded you people of the necessity to detoxify the community. Even though he won all his battles with the Administration up to then, it's obvious now, to anyone with a brain, that in the end, the damage done in keeping him around really wasn't worth it.

His inputs, direct and indirect, were but grains of sand compared to the massive dunes of hypocrisy and injustice and division he built up, year upon miserable year. I mean, you were warned, we told you this would be what happened. But shiiiiit, didn't you just go right ahead and ignore us anyway? And now this bullshit attempt to claim he can't even be called what he so obviously was.

Now sure, to pacify the geniuses who rushed to support this hokey nonsense, only being suggested because it is such a good word to describe the likes of Eric (and the suggester being such a good friend of Eric - oh what, are you shocked, really?), when you're taking about a specific behavior that is very bad, unpleasant, or harmful, then sure, by all means use that word instead of toxic. Use the gift of language. Indeed, that should come naturally, what with you all being trained encyclopedists and shit, right?

But don't pretend that, as a catch all term for people who engage in conduct that is very bad, unpleasant, or harmful, it is perfect. Especially since it of course distinguishes those editors from the ones also doing very bad, unpleasant, or harmful things, but where this is not conduct specifically done with a knowing purpose to be poisonous. When Eric Corbett tells people to fuck off, it isn't a one off, a temper tantrum, a slip of the tongue or any other kind of accident. He doesn't and wouldn't want to be misunderstood. He intends to harm, he intends to be unpleasant, he is being deliberately poisonous.

I know you know this Wikipediots. As a ton of you argued very passionately recently, that it should be OK to repeatedly tell another user to fuck off, because sometimes you just really want to be offensive, you really want to hurt the other person, to send a message. Congratulations, now you know what you are. Toxic.

I hope for your sakes you finally heed the message the Board has now sent you. And Jimmy before that.

Happy to help. Have a nice day now. :D

Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:29 pm
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A toxic Wikipedian in action......√Črico&diff=next&oldid=906110602

Pretty sick that. Really sick actually.

But on today's Wikipedia, they call that policy enforcement. See what happens when you don't deal with Fram? You get lots of little wannabe Frams.

Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:35 pm
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