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Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:48 pm
by CrowsNest
It is my sad duty to report that Tony1 couldn't hack the withdrawal pains, and has returned to the cult. Nom Nom Nom, gotta love that wikijuice, right?

Having engineered his own (voluntary) departure on a rather ridiculous point of principle, he managed to last over two months (24 January - 7 April) out in the real world, presumably hating every last second of it.

Although to be honest, it seeks unlikely he could have lasted that long, cold turkey. Either he resorted to socking to reduce the pain, or because he never really intended to leave permanently, just make a point that he was super-serious, and that explains his return now. He was unable, or unwilling, to break the bonds. Sad.

My hope this would be a genuine and permanent departure, and thus be a sign of something good, have therefore been dashed...... ... ony1#p3472

Such is the fucked up state of Wikipedia, the numerous onlookers are just so happy a hardcore cultist has returned to the fold and got right down to guzzling the wikijuice again, they are completely ignoring the totally unacceptable nature of his first edit..... ... =835192945

Setting up your own alternative Admin reporting system? WP:POINT much? It certainly violates WP:TALK, and a whole host of other acronyms besides.

Still, what better way to illustrate the real nature of the so called Wikipedia community, than show everyone else what it really takes to be left alone so as to be able to blatantly violate policy.

Although the fact that his pathetic alt-AN/I is unlikely to be used by any of the other downtrodden addicts in the cult, at least not in the manner he has pompously laid out, is probably the main reason admins are ignoring it. WP:DNFTT and all that.

The supreme irony of course, is that if Wikipedia really was policed by automotons, who showed no fear or favour at all, and simply set out to enforce the rules even-handedly and without any concern for how it made them look or their targets feel, let alone with respect to any wider wikipolitics, Tony1 would most likely be blocked now (since I'm assuming he'd decline to remove that post).

This act of defiance might look brave, even daring, but the real truth is that it is nothing. It is a fop. A pathetic pout. It certainly has no chance of achieving real structural change. If that was what he genuinely wanted to achieve, there's more he could be doing than this his sort of petulant crap.

Even if he thought this was a viable way to go, he certainly threw away any chance of it achieving real change in how admins operate the minute he showed his willingness to get right back to the coal face. ... =835193190

He didn't even wait two minutes before jumping back on the horse.....(where he has stayed ever since, galloping hard). So what's he going to do now, if genuine reports are filed on his alt-board, and nothing happens? Go on strike again? Fool me once......

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Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:49 pm
by singora
Yep, that is sad. I followed that whole episode and hoped that Tony (who I respect) had moved on.

But the Force is strong with Tony. The Force controls his life. Even after a wannabe Jedi blocks him, he returns.

This news saddens me.

Very many of these Wikipedians underestimate the power of the Force, and few understand that Darth Alexander is operating a scam very similar to Scientology.

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:02 pm
by CrowsNest
Turns out the wikijuice is still sour, but Tony absolutely was the kind of pussy* to drink it, again......
You people flatter yourselves that I'd ever set foot in here again. As I wrote above, I'm shattered and depressed by this exercise in pack-rape. Not that anyone would account for that: Wikipedia really does have a sickness in its piling-on herd behaviour, where the prey is beaten mercilessly for days. It becomes a self-sustaining sport, an exercise in social bonding for the attackers. I don't think I've ever participated in one of these trophy hunts and bashings, so I can only guess how fun it must be. It's curious quirk of WP that "civility" is officially valued as a global commodity but applied only selectively (it's the meat of admins and arbcom, inter alia). How many editors, particularly females, have fallen away from the site in mental illness transitory or severe from the drubbings they receive? We'll never know. Or care.

So it's the nuclear option or nothing, and even better when it blind-sides. A functional group of coordinators might have might privately or on-wiki done their job properly by pointing out to me (privately or onwiki) a couple of examples where they thought my language was unnecessarily harsh or inflexible. But they're incapable of that. Instead, Laserbrain did the opposite at the top here. In some weird scatalogical attack I still can't understand, apparently I shit (laughably, he calls it a "metaphor", as though that might exonerate him). It's seriously unbecoming of a coordinator, reduces whatever dignity this forum might have laid claim to, and gave implicit license to the pack-rape that ensued. The moment I read his post I lost confidence in him as a coordinator. In my view, he should resign. The coordinators should obviously have required Tim Riley not to spurn my comments as a sly put-down, but to engage with them to improve the candidate article. Notably, he revelled in prompt, effusive interactions with all other reviewers—a precursor to this bullying pit. But the article will be promoted with its indigestible lead paragraph no matter what.

Expecting me to apologise after putting me through this? You are kidding. The chief toxics—among them the vengeful and now deeply satisfied Riley and his side-kick who began this thread; Indrian, whose every second word is "abuse" or "abusive"; Wehwalt, who was surprisingly abrasive toward me in my first review; the aggrieved SerialNumber, Schrocat, and Display name 99 who don't like their prose criticised; the chronically foul-mouthed Eric Corbett who stopped by to enjoy; the loathsome Laserbrain; and the serial admin Ceranthor—I wouldn't stop to help if you were dying on the street. Who would want to come into contact with your venom? Oh, and if there were any doubt, I meant every word of what I've said, and something you won't be able to swallow: ultimately it was in good faith. You're all just shell-shocked that someone would say these things. Humiliation is your only weapon.

You've got your prize: you've hounded me out of FAC and ensured I'll never return. What a fool I was: FAC just isn't worth helping. Sorry to be stopping the party, but you've cooked and eaten the prey and none is left. You can all go back to lining your gold-star trophy cabinets on your user pages.

A gold star, in my view, is tainted. It's like adminship: a brown smear. I'll be devoting considerable effort over years to letting the community know that FAC is dysfunctional, and at its worst shows clear signs of having fallen into corruption—you see, I know the details from insider observation. I'll strongly discourage editors from participating in the forum, whether as nominators or reviewers.

No doubt more insults will be hurled at me in my absence. "See, I told you so", "He's abusing again", "Good riddance", "Irksome victimhood", "Laserbrain, ignore his rantings". You may as well get it out of your systems. Have fun reinforcing each other's self-perceived righteousness. I'm unwatchlisting out of this echo-chamber. Tony (talk) 03:15, 9 November 2018 (UTC)
You put Laser Brain in charge of something, then shit like this is an inevitability.

* - this is a faithful reproduction of a very apt film quote, any offence it causes is purely unintentional

Re: Tony1

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:14 pm
by CrowsNest
This user doesn't despise admins personally; he despises the toxic admin system and culture.
Why do people take so long to figure this out?


Wikipedia is a people driven project. Nobody wakes up one day and thinks, gee, what I'll invent today is a toxic system.

As per the system, Wikipedia Administrators are supposed to posses good judgement, a calm temperament, extensive policy knowledge, and an ability to defuse conflict. They are not supposed to be driven by pride, ego, vengeance or tribal loyalties.

These are all qualities of your personality, including your knowledge, because you aren't being made to attend any training courses in this cult, everything you know is the result of your desire to know it, hopefully because you fear being embarrassed or even make mistakes through not knowing it.

The person who can show me how the system is what turned these expectations on their head and produced a culture where people like Drmies and Cullen328 are considered their best, will personally get a cheque for one million Zimbabwe dollars.