Crisco 1492 (Chris Woodrich)

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats Oh my!
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Crisco 1492 (Chris Woodrich)

Post by CrowsNest » Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:04 pm

What kind of loser spends their life scheduling the "Picture of the Day" for Wikipedia's Main Page?

I think the same kind of person who realises they've been wasting their life, and have for some time been regretting their life choices and been looking for a way out. For this guy, it arrived recently. Full details courtesy of.... ... f-the-day/

As the Wikipedians busy themselves with apportioning blame and scrambling to institute contingency measures, while of course also leaving grief filled messages to the man himself, they clearly didn't spot the most pertinent part of this guy's parting words.....
I'm busy with a toddler and PhD work
I wanted a clean break.
The defining feature of the Wikipedians is not to acknowledge the truth of their existence. They beaver away at Wikipedia not because they care about knowledge, but because they are losers, hopelessly addicted to that nonsense of a hobby, probably becoming addicted when they had copious amounts of free time and no idea what to do with their lives. For most this is the student years, for others it is retirement. Others still, amazingly, find the time while at work, having realised their career is going nowhere. Some even pretend it is a valid part of their career.

But finding the time when you have a kid and are doing a PhD? Practically impossible. In scenarios like that, you're inevitably going to find your addiction and the internal conflicts it sets up, massively stressful.

Instead of just hinting at the real cause, in ways the Wikipedians really won't spot, why can't poor old Chris just be completely honest with his former bunkmates in Ice Station Nut House? Why does he have to pretend like he just snapped because one person did something without consulting him?

The answer, of course, is that retiring in this fashion, leaves the door open for a possible return, if he just can't break the habit, and perhaps decides he can make do with a poor degree and a poorly raised child.

So listen up, all you fucking losers. This is your future. Those who don't end up blocked, and up departing in a manner not to dissimilar to this. And if you're thinking this couldn't possibly happen to you, that you can see yourself editing Wikipedia foerever, then congratulations, you have invented a whole different class of failing at life, one step below loser.

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