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Re: MjolnirPants

Postby Dysklyver » Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:38 am


Would you please block me and my main account?

Yes, I've read it; Yes, I mean all of my accounts, I just forgot about the Yeshua one, and for as long as you're willing to. Indef is fine by me.

Bye :P
De facto globally banned on all Wikimedia sites. Editor of The Wiki Cabal. find me on the Wiki Treehouse Discord.
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Re: MjolnirPants

Postby CrowsNest » Sun Nov 04, 2018 5:43 am

Now official.
14:33, 2 November 2018 Bishonen (talk | contribs) blocked MjolnirPants (talk | contribs) with an expiration time of 3 months (account creation blocked, email disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Self-requested block, please see User:Bishonen/Self-requested blocks for conditions.)
There was also this.....
If you have the stomach to read through my entire email, then you'll understand that I know exactly what I'm asking for, and that I'll take 3 months. Just like 6 months, the urge to edit will be long gone by the time it expires. ᛗᛁᛟᛚᚾᛁᚱPants Tell me all about it. 17:03, 1 November 2018 (UTC)
Looks like he wants to retire. This prick probably thinks he's special, unique even. Someone should point him to the life and times of Eric Corbett and Cassianto. Quite a few retirements in their history, before they finally wised up to the reality of their situation. I don't think this guy is smarter than they were, indeed quite the opposite.

He can't leave now anyway. I estimate he has earned himself at least a year's worth of self-imposed misery. That is a debt that needs to be repaid, edit by edit, day by day, until the final, crushing realisation.

Karma, bitches.
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Re: MjolnirPants

Postby CrowsNest » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:56 am

Sad fuck.
Not even a week since your self-requested block expired, you mean, young Pants? Yes, indeed [Bishonen]. It's making me wonder if coming back was even worth it, but I suppose my addiction must be fed.


P.S. Present situation excluded, it is nice to be back. Thank you. Pants Tell me all about it. 21:00, 7 February 2019 (UTC)
Is this addiction, or some need to have a mother figure in your life?

Wikipedians as emotionally stunted orphans? Works for me.
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Re: MjolnirPants

Postby CrowsNest » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:13 am

I do not have the patience to deal with POV pushers, the ranks of whom are filled with more and more fucking nazis damn near every time I log in, and then be taken to task because some fucking morons think me being rude to them is a bigger problem than what they're doing. I've been told by four different admins that they're all aware we have a racist, POV pushing child rape advocate <outing redacted>.

I'm not going to respond to the dozens of moronic opinions expressed here and at ANI. It's not worth it; no matter what I say, the idiots making those comments will still be idiots.

I have to deal with idiots in my daily life, and so I'm resigned to that. But I don't have to do it my hobby, so I'm fucking done. ᛗᛁᛟᛚᚾᛁᚱPants Tell me all about it. 16:00, 21 February 2019 (UTC)
Wasn't back for very long.

Mother Bishonen showing all the empathy she is known for.....
Suicide by admin? You know, I was kind of expecting that. All the best, Thunderbritches. Bishonen | talk 20:51, 21 February 2019 (UTC).
Nice to see her admit she could see one of her brood was heading for the cliff edge, and basically did nothing. Sure, she enabled his recent enforced retirement, but she has surely learned by now that if it doesn't coincide with the little user going to get some serious therapy, it doesn't do anything except delay the inevitable.

All she did for MP in this flame out, was point out the person that he originally insulted in the incident that quickly snowballed into this car crash, looked like a sock. That was it.

Perhaps she was constrained by the fact that this time some of the people trying to reform her wayward child with short term blocks and words of condescension are nominally her friends and allies, even a suitor for the role of Prince Consort. But I doubt that would prevent her acting if she really wanted. Just as likely that she just didn't care enough, didn't see enough value in retaining someone who was so capable of doing damage to her brand. Nice to see she has standards, even if violent sexualized imagery is where she draws the line, sort of.

Maybe that's why he got so upset, so quickly? An emotionally stunted wretch (his anti-fascist essay having more than a touch of self-hate and white guilt about it), flipping the fuck out once he realised not even his adopted mother loved him enough to fight his corner?

A true Wikipedia Tale.

Yes dude, you are done. The smart people saw it long ago.

All the sweeter if you and your impotent supporters really believe you were trolled, and none of this is your fault, so everyone should just LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE. Their tears nourish all those who have genuinely been victimised by Wikipedia, inside and out.

It will never stop, because Wikipedia seems determined to continue to pretend this is all normal, that users like you are to be valued and protected, their departure only secured once they self-immolate.

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Re: MjolnirPants

Postby hyatt » Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:03 pm

All she did for MP in this flame out, was point out the person that he originally insulted in the incident that quickly snowballed into this car crash, looked like a sock.

Ah, yes. About that...

Luciusfoxx reported MjolnirPants to ANI for such lovely collaborative comments as "fuck your shitty, condescending bullshit sideways with a sandpaper dildo and hot sauce as lube." MjolnirPants's defense was to say that someone should call the reporter a sock and block him to make the complaint go away. Which Floquenbeam did. And Drmies denied his appeal. And Bishonen revoked his talk page access.

The evidence of socking is that the user reported MjolnirPants to ANI for violating WP:CIVIL, for which MjolnirPants was blocked.

Compare what MjolnirPants said to what is considered a "wholly unacceptable personal attack" in a different case where one novice user made an unblock request on behalf of another novice user.
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Re: MjolnirPants

Postby CrowsNest » Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:43 am

I have heard from Mr Pants. He admits that he went off the rails completely and has apologised for that, but does not particularly want to return to editing until major issues with neutrality and impartiality are sorted out. I gave some examples of that on the original ANI thread, but they've been buried in the noise, but to summarise, Wikipedia is not a place to advocate Holocaust denial or to express views that most people would find unpalatable, irrespective of whether or not they were dressed in nice language. Ritchie333 (talk) (cont) 17:08, 26 February 2019 (UTC)
Blaming everyone but himself for his immaturity and poor judgement.

I bet it wasn't even a real apology.
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