Gender desk talk

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Gender desk talk

Post by Graaf Statler » Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:56 am

Genderdesk lady wrote:I blame the volunteers. If they had spent a little less time on Jimbo’s talk page discussing the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the c-word, or whether it is okay to tell someone to fuck off, and if so how many times you can do it before sanctions kick in (rather than just simply removing it quietly), and spent a little more time crafting a meaningful workplace safety policy for volunteers, the WMF might not have been able to wrest the power away from them. But they got what they deserve, and will now spend the rest of their wiki-careers in the dust bin of obscurity, muttering about conspiracies and shop floors and Kumbaya.

You are so dammed right, madam. Why do we now have that crazy gender approach of WMF As long it is a woman it is OK, it doesn't matter what a complete fool it is? Because the community's where not able to create a space where woman felt themself safe. Why did WMF send the biggest ashole and sock pupped player Mies/Natuur12 to WPNL as there T&S ambassador? Who was himself a big part of the problems there? Because the Dutch wiki community had made a corrupt chaos out of Wikipedia-NL. Most of the gender approach of WMF is complete misused by a few gender bitches to troll themself further in to heaven there. And never forget, it was a woman who warned for the corruption in the chapters in 2013, so I think it is about time to forget that whole gender thing because Wikipedia has much bigger problems. This was a excellent analyse of you, because it is of course very easy to blame Alexander, but the real problem is the underling chaos the community's have made out of there projects. A problem WMF obesely can't solve because they don't know the community's and what is going on there because they simple have to rely on what they hear. Because they kill every criticism with there save spaces approach, and that is the reason I am glad this is not a safe space here with for instance your evil sister. What is a typical corrupt gender bitch.

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