Warning for all newcomers

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Warning for all newcomers

Postby CrowsNest » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:22 pm


It hardly matters what the truth is here, whether Levivich is what he claims to be, or if he is an experienced user running a test of their reactions (perfectly allowed by policy), or if he is a troll, because Levivich has spectacularly reaffirmed in a really neat way, several really bad things we hardened critics already knew about the Wikipedia community.

In no particular order....

They do not hold their Administrators to account
They ignore or downplay personal attacks and aspersions when done by power users
They do not consider complaints from the victim's perspective
Their women are just as bad as the men when it comes to taking hostility, aggression and bullying seriously
They absolutely want to blame the victims
They absolutely do not want their users to highlight problems
The Arbitration Committee are no guardians of policy or Administrator auditors
Bbb23 can do whatever he likes

I hope it was a formalised test, because they absolutely flunked it. If not, if there is a real victim here, then that's tragic, but they at least helped me use their fate to warn others not to have anything to do with the twisted Wikipedia community, unless they like being mistreated.

There is a heirarchy, status is everything while policy is nothing, there is a culture of bullying, and rather than getting better, it is showing signs of getting worse.

At this point in its evolution, the site is less of an encyclopedia collaboration, more of an online BDSM community. You like being humiliated, being subservient, obeying your masters, then it is perfect for you. You play the role of the novice. You like bullying, dominating, humiliating, then you can do so, once you have served your time as a Sub.
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Re: Warning for all newcomers

Postby sashi » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:08 am

Also, the place is a madhouse.
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Re: Warning for all newcomers

Postby Graaf Statler » Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:36 am

What else do you expect to find in the basement of a nuclear power plant what is running out of control, Sashi? Normal people? Because every decent person runs as fast and as far he can away in such a situation. Only a psychiatric patient will stay. By the way, why did you wanted to return to the modern nuclear powered wiki Titanic if I may ask? What do you expect to find there? A job in the orkestra because all the musicians are drowned? So the Titanic can course to the next iceberg after the Brussels fiasco because it is still more or less floating? A little music makes things always a bit nicer, isn't it?

By the way, did I tell you before I had left the WMF products a few weeks before Alexander -we will never forget him, his name and fame is great- came up with his SanFanBan? And do you know why?
Because I had seen with my own eyes what is in the hold of the wiki ship. I had because of that strange misunderstanding, I should be dead a close look there because they thought I was one of them. And if I tell you what I have seen you won't believe me. No, Shasi, what I have seen and found there not one living person in this world will believe. Except the ones who have been there, but they are all locked up in a hotel in California, waiting for doomsday. They can't leave Shasi, no they can't, and that is the wiki drama in a nutshell. It is Wikifaust you know, on a certan day the wiki devil wants your soul.
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Re: Warning for all newcomers

Postby CrowsNest » Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:32 pm

Buried. Like it never even happened.

https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?ti ... =876936563

Why do these pieces of shit always act like informed outsiders can't see what they do? Who do they think are they kidding when they claim that a statement like that from a person with that power is nothing, something that would have been forgotten had the target just bent over and taken it, like a good little bitch. Fuck, right, off.

Nobody who has ever dealt with Bbb23 or has ever been a Wikipedia editor for very long, is ever that ignorant of how these things work. If stuff like that was ever forgotten, if statements like that didn't have the power to fundamentally change an editor's status way down the line, then why do they even need such a strong position on whether casting aspersions is a bad thing?

In that respect, these morons absolutely do appear like their comments were for the benefit of certain outsiders, for gullible people who genuinely don't know how Wikipedia works. PR, basically. Too bad they couldn't keep their message consistent. Not really compatible is it, to imply causal slurs like that are no big deal because all the Wikipedians are super cool and have really bad memories anyway, while also claiming that reporting these obvious violations of basic standards, is a mistake the user will never escape from. Very few people would fail to spot the inconsistency. By all means, Wikipedia is free to recruit anyone who doesn't, the more the merrier.

We have long memories too, you dumb bastards. We have a whiteboard and stickers and everything. We will remember who said what to this user, and we will be making sure there is a price to pay for it if these positions are not stuck to. So don't you forget now, get a notebook if you need help to remember what your positions on these matters was. You never know, you may need to refer back to it if or when a journalist follows it up. If Dennis Brown doesn't block him first.

See, I membered that, that nugget of wikigold from the before times. Don't see much of the Dennis around the wiki these days. Seems to have fallen all out of love with it. Presumably couldn't hack the strain of having outsiders remember all the dumb shit he said and did, and he soon remembered he only edits Wikipedia as way to goof off and forget about his domestic troubles. It isn't like he ever intended his actions to be measured against any higher standards of expectation.

Was always working hard for the newcomers of course, was our Dennis. He was such a stalwart of Wikiproject Editor Retention. That was and still is a miserable failure of course, as recently proven by someone else who also seems to be running a test of Wikipedians reactions. Still, he had power, of sorts, sad little Dennis. The sort of power to do the sort of things exposed by this user, and that user, and countless other users.

You ever get the feeling you're being watched, Wikipediots?
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