Administrator losses, June 2019

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats Oh my!
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Administrator losses, June 2019

Post by CrowsNest » Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:31 pm

• 28bytes
• Ad Orientem
• Ansh666
• Beeblebrox
• Boing! said Zebedee
• BU Rob13
• Dennis Brown
• Deor
• DoRD
• Floquenbeam
• Fram
• Gadfium
• GB fan
• Jonathunder
• Kusma
• Lectonar
• Nick
Od Mishehu
• Spartaz
• TheDJ
• WJBscribe

Obviously the high number is because of resignations due to FRAMBAN, only those in italics are known to be completely unrelated, and even there it is worth noting Rama strongly believed the community is soft on harassment and that had a bearing on his own misconduct that led to his enforced removal.

It is a testament to the true nature of Wikipedia, their sheer unprofessionalism and opaqeness, that it is actually quite hard to figure out why these people resigned - less than you might think actually bothered to given full reasons, or any reason, even less in a manner that is quickly discoverable by those unfamiliar with Wikipedia, such as, say, journalists. The myriad of ways Wikipedia editors are allowed to control and even reimagine their entire footprint, Ansh666 rebirthing as ansh.666 for example, is in stark contrast to the lack of options they seem to want to give to victims of harassment.

So much for trust and accountability. Proof, if it were needed, that assuming responsibility and a sense of obligation to the wider community comes with being a Wikipedia Administrator, is a fool's errand. It is the very fact these people can walk away at any time, for any reason, or otherwise act with complete immaturity and tempestuousness, that means they cannot be trusted to take matters like harassment complaints seriously. It is all about their own personal happiness, if not their fear they are now more likely to be held to account for serious misconduct like harassment, or shamed by their lack of effort in preventing it. Not surprising, I guess - we forget to our cost that many of these people might literally be children.

Only one person in the Fram related losses, Rob, definitely resigned in disgust at the community's reaction to FRAMBAN, but it is worth noting there could well be others who did so too, people who seemed to be too afraid of the backslash to really say why they were resigning, the community seemingly happy to take their ambiguity as support for the mob.

I feel bad for Od Mishehu, the only person in that list who actually has a realistic claim to have been subject to an unfair trial with more than enough reason to suspect not just incompetence, but foul play. How ironic that he was then unilaterally blocked by Rob, not ArbCom, who has since vanished. Accountability? Zero.

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Re: Administrator losses, June 2019

Post by ericbarbour » Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:15 pm

Most of those admins were AWFUL at their jobs--not even patrollers, just plain abusive shits.

Will Boddy (WJBscribe) is my top candidate for a quiet return after the stink blows over. He has spent far too much time since 2006, kissing asses and Wikilawyering (he's actually a real lawyer and thus doesn't need to beg for a WMF sinecure) to blow it all away over the Fram nonsense.

Christ his history is pure evil. Only need one short item from the book wiki to summarize Boddy's "fine work for Jimbooo":
He has scarcely edited anything on Wikipedia since September 2014. Like many deeply-embedded insiders, he does nothing as of 2015 but act self-important, mushmouthing on noticeboards, deleting embarrassing items and blocking embarrassing editors. See KuchenZimjah for an example.
I've got plenty more but don't want to "bore you with petty details". Willie is petty all the way.

Eli "Od Mishehu" Falk is a very odd-man-out character. He kept a low profile thru his WP career (hah!) and stayed out of the endless Israel/Palestine squabbling, despite being Israeli and Jewish. However..... ... f=8&t=1087
Note that *I* started that thread back in 2012....

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