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Dennis Brown

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:58 am
by CrowsNest
Come on Dennis, you aren't fooling anyone.....
Happy Holidays to all of you.
Thanks for the notes and such, I appreciate the kindness. I haven't been around much over the last year. As many of you know, I have been designing UV lamps and products for a long time, and about a dozen years ago started designing them for cannabis growers. I don't have to tell you that the cannabis industry is exploding in the US right now, as well as in Europe, so I've been working around the clock. We have access to some rather unique patents, so we currently dominate that rapidly growing market. Thanks to a great distributor in Exeter, Devon, UK, we now cover all of the EU and all of North America, and I desperately need a vacation but can't take the time....

Any way, I hope things keep moving like this and I can hire more hands, which would mean I will have some actual spare time to spend here. To be honest, I'm not thrilled with every turn in direction that has happened here, including what I believe is too much focus on political correctness and not enough focus on neutral, quality content, but that isn't the reason I haven't been around, work is. You have to may hay while the sun is shining, and it is shining brightly. I've also had a major shoulder surgery (healing fine, thank you) and had to get back to work weeks before I was scheduled to, 4 days after the surgery, and have a new family with three "adopted" adult kids and 5 grand kids, which is new for me. In short, I've really been busy, but generally enjoying life.

I hope you all have a great Christmas holiday, a happy (and safe) new year. And keep writing articles!
None of this stopped you before. You clearly staying away for reasons you absolutely would not admit to in public, so you're either scared your new wife will react to your Wikipedia addiction the way the old one did, or it is something to do with your past edits catching up with you. Either way, you fully deserve it. A genuinely happy Dennis would be up to his eyeballs in the wiki-shit, having not learned from his past mistakes. Just as the depressed Dennis dove right into it to escape.

Re: Dennis Brown

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:01 am
by CrowsNest
Hard to believe this prick is one of Eric Corbett's best mates.
We are here to build an encyclopedia, not make petty points about a sanction that was well deserved. Dennis Brown - 2¢ 13:30, 27 January 2019 (UTC)
But he is so that guy........
Speaking as an admin, I don't see anything in the edit summaries that concerns me. ......Dennis Brown - 2¢ 13:54, 27 January 2019 (UTC)
....said about someone reverting with an edit summary "child-like writing". Since the text reverted was not in any way what a child would write...... ... =880319440

......then whether intentional or not, the business for an Administrator here would be to remind the person reverting not to conduct themselves on Wikipedia with a dismissive, arrogant or elitist tone, and find some other way to express their views on the quality of content, without potentially insulting people by inferring they are a child when they are obviously not.

Naturally, if Dennis ever saw anyone referring to Eric Corbet's writing as child-like, the prick would absolutely be seeing some way he could be of assistance to the ferret fucker, while at the same time of course ignoring the many times Eric has said similar things.

Re: Dennis Brown

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:30 pm
by CrowsNest
I always said he was a pompous ass...... ... =903124020

As usual, he shows no actual awareness of the actual history of Wikipedia, but worse, he is happy to propagate myths he has heard from others. The WMF came after the community, but the community was never a separate legal entity, much less equals of the entities that have owned it.
We are not subjects of the WMF. We do not work for you. We are not beneath you. We owe you nothing; we are volunteers. We are trying to work WITH you to create something special, but you have to give us the same respect you demand for yourselves.
What the actual fuck?

To use Dennis' interpretation of how to be a Wikipedia Administrator as an example, you do owe the WMF something. You owe them at least the courtesy of informing them if you do something so incredibly stupid and potentially dangerous as unilaterally redefine paid editing under the Terms of Use as including journalists contacting Wikipedians anonymously.

The community is the Foundation a robust system of self-governance that will reliably identify and remove Administrators who so freely colour outside their established lines, not give them post-facto approval and encouragement as some kind of heroic renegade.

We will likely never know if the real Joe Bernstein from Buzzfeed was trying to contact Wikipedians to write about the whole FramBan controversy or whether someone is just putting his name and email address (and phone number!) out there for other purposes, but what we do know is that it was, until Dennis Brown stuck his hoof in, not a requirement of journalists to give those details upfront, on a misconception that if they did not so they would be in breach of a legal user contract between them and the WMF (not Dennis Fucking Brown).

Sure, Dennis Brown can and should be sued for the likely consequences of any individual ban he places in furtherance of that entirely made up Term of Use, but it is of course the WMF who have to carry the can if a situation developed where a lawyer can argue this is not something coming from individual rogue operator, but a whole group of volunteers nominally trusted to have good judgement and an expectation that they enforce existing written policy narrowly, when it is clearly marked as a policy with Legal implications.

Some partnership!

Re: Dennis Brown

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 10:28 am
by CrowsNest
Sexist pig Dennis Brown, soothes his sunburnt skin in the mud pools of Wikipediocracy....... ... 422#p10422

Too hostile? :roll:

:ugeek: :twisted:

Didn't I fucking warn you people? This is what being vigilant is all about. You're supposed to be speaking up for the sisters, not scaring them.

Re: Dennis Brown

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:15 am
by CrowsNest
Still spilling his guts on WO......
It the end, it doesn't matter. I resigned the bit, tried to talk with the CEO and like a fool, didn't realize her position was just a title. She isn't in charge of anything and has no authority. The board runs the show, Katherine is a figurehead used for fundraising. Nothing against her, I'm sure she's a nice person, but even if she had some authority, she is in over her head. Most 30 something year olds would be when it comes to dealing with this kind of problem, which is why most corporations the size of Wikimedia don't hire a 33 year otd to take over as CEO. The fact that the Board is really in charge also explains why everything has been slow in coming, and guarantees nothing will be done.

The Foundation wants more control, and they will win. They already HAVE won. A bunch of new people are running for RFA now, Ritchie's doing. I don't think he realizes how this actually hurts the movement, but it doesn't matter. He's a good guy, just making the wrong moves here. It doesn't matter anyway.

As for me, I don't care anymore. I hung up my "retired" banner and mean it. I've never done that before. After 61k edits, 13 years, over half as admin, I'm just tired and have better things to do. I have no interest in working for the Board for free, and that is what it is becoming, and it is gaining momentum. IT CAN NOT BE STOPPED. They have all the money and the ultimate control. This episode proves it. They don't want a partnership with the community, they want free labor. Since most of the heavy lifting was done years ago, they already have a fairly complete encyclopedia and they see the need for volunteers as being reduced. In a nutshell, all the admin and editors who leave are simply acceptable losses in their slow march towards taking control of the Wikis, eventually to include editorial control. They might use sweet words, but realistically, no individual or group of a few hundred individuals is important enough to matter, through the lends of their long term goals. That isn't the Project I signed up for in 2006; that Project is dead.

Pardon if I don't follow up very often, if at all, as I have a life to attend to. Getting married, have a bunch of new family now that actually loves me for some reason, I've quit all my side work to focus on my business,, selling UV lamps to luthiers, pig farmers and cannabis growers. Wikipedia and all the surrounding drama is a distraction, and is no longer an altruistic hobby worth pursuing.

I appreciate all the kind words, and all the constructive criticism over the years. I wish you all the best.
I tried to count all the different reasons he gives for walking away, but gave up at five. This blood is just so full of shit. And it is evidently extracted from his body by the tongues of Wikipediocracy posters.

All I can say is, I hope the new wife and kids know they're gonna get pushed aside as soon as Eric Corbett & Co. launch Traditional Wikipedia, full of those old fashioned values you came to know and love. And if he does, I bet Dennis is dumb enough not to see the revenge fleecing coming a second time around too.

Re: Dennis Brown

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:56 pm
by CrowsNest
Oh, and please full protect my user page. Being a former admin, etc etc etc, vandalism and all that. Dennis Brown - 2¢ 11:06, 30 June 2019 (UTC)
Etc Etc etc?

How about citing an actual policy, you donut?

Or were you intent on leaving in a manner that befits your entire miserable Wikipedia existence.....

I mean, honestly, why would anyone feel the need to vandalize your user page? All it contains is a pompous rant where you tell the Foundation they owe their jobs to scuzzballs like you, and assorted other bullshit, all borne from the same mind that brought us all your other greatest hits.

The absolute sheer pomposity of daring to speak for every editor, and about every employee, as if you know shit about shit, will be your legacy. It was a curious thing to see you feel you had to point out it was not a WP:POLEMIC. Guilty conscience? Wouldn't that be a first.

I mean, that is what user pages are for, right? You absolute steamer.

I have some policy for you D-Bag.....
In the event of the confirmed death of a user, the user's user page (but not the user talk page) should be fully protected
Be honest. How many WMF employees wish you were dead? Be honest now. You are kind of a prick, not my idea of a "partner" in any universe. I couldn't trust anyone who has done what you've done, and then claimed you have ever been "exceedingly forthcoming with information". At least if you had been an employee, I could have had you fired.

Re: Dennis Brown

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:49 am
by Anyone
RE: I have no interest in working for the Board for free, and that is what it is becoming, and it is gaining momentum. IT CAN NOT BE STOPPED.

Huh? What an odd thing to say.

I guess he means that prior to FRAMGATE his "remuneration" was in the form of power, control or authority. But now that the WMF have stepped in, he feels his salary has been halted and he's been handed his P45.

Re: Dennis Brown

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 10:40 pm
by NadirAli
Although I am neither for nor against that guy, I spotted him on Wikipediocracy forums. Seems though that forum is a common complaints board for Wikipedia administrators having a bad experience lol :cry:

Re: Dennis Brown

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 9:31 am
by CrowsNest
Wikipediocracy was made for the Dennis Brown's of the world, they are their target member. If he came here, he KNOWS he would get his ass kicked all over the place, and meticulously politely too, just to annoy him even more.

Re: Dennis Brown

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:52 pm
by NadirAli
Wow looks like DB has made his fair share of haters :mrgreen: