In 2013.....

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats Oh my!
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In 2013.....

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:42 am

I started to ask all kind of questions about the legal status on WP nl. See the result. I was a troll, I had to shut up, so they knew damed well something was terrible wrong! From that moment on I, even more than before, I was the biggest vandal and troll, what ended up in a Alexander SanFanBan. I asked questions like this: ... oodgebloed.

Questions about claiming wikipedia was according to them not under the Dutch legal system, and everywhere was Romaine's sock Blueknight with his trolling, and the rest too! In that time his Blueknight sock was a very powerful and eccentric sysop and Arb, together with Vintroll, insulting Chris, and professor Casper CaAL. And here is the rest of the evidence! ... ir_Statler

In the history of my account Sir Statler. They where hiding the true and gaslichting from the first moment on.

Alexander and friends is a troll farm. Professor Drmies belongs to it too.

All Gaslichting! Just like in the film. I have given all the evidences. All. Find a Dutch native speaker, and he will say I am complete right with my questioning and there was not any trolling from my side. Never! Nowhere! It is a rediciles claim based on nothing! And if WMF doesn't have the guts to write it down I will do.

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