Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

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Re: Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

Post by Graaf Statler » Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:57 am

What can I say, Zoloft?

I just read a few things in the newspaper. Your president want to start up the economy as soon as possible, away with social distance. And I have read a other thing, 40% of the American population has not even 400 dollar reserve.
The exportation is a unemployment rate of 30% in the US of A because of corona.

And I have read a other thing too. Do you remember the link I gave of Belgium police who had closed last weekend a corona party in a bar?
Well, a few of the guest are now on a respirator in the hospital. Great plan of your president, who cares about a few old peeps die.
Yesterday a health woman of 52 years old has died in the hospital near by. All lies this virus is only dangerous for old peeps!

You political system sucks, your president is a idiot. And I say what he doesn't dare to say anymore, because of economic reasons.
Nothing wrong of Chinese people, 99% is OK.
But I hope the animal abusers who have cased this crisis and the ones who have allowed the wet markets burn in hell!

And I think we can forget that replacement of the director chair in Utrechts chapter and Romaine the refund of that traffic ticket.
But I have a question.
What for the fucking hell where a few American guys with a lot of money doing here with there wikishit?
And why may we not keep our wel organised friendly kingdom as it is?

Why for the fucking hell was you breaking law after law and even marching to the Euro Parlement with your pirate flags in your hands?
Because your county is so well organised? So we also get the United States of Europe with our own Trump and not our king?
I can only wish you the best and tell you I am sorry for all of you and hope you stay healthy and I mean it, but you are a bunch of lunatics.

Laws and strict regulations have a reason and have to be respected as you can see now.
Because otherwise by the first live stress tests your rotten system complete collapse.
You must fix your roof when the sun is shining and not if it storms and rains and everywhere are lightnings, that is too late.
And that is the same with your proud beautiful wikimedia foundation.

You have given the world a WMF umbrella when then sun was shining, was breaking law after laws and stolen what you could in European country's with your save habour bullshit, lying and trolling.
And now it is getting to rain and thunder with both the corona crisis and article 11 and 13.
And peeps as Edo and Bart and the Dutch gender lady's now start to open there great and free WMF umbrellas..... and find out they are complete eaten by the moths.

This corona crisis will not only be a human and economic disaster, but also a complete game changer, mark my words.
Also for Silicon Valley. Predicted the old Dutch farmer who indeed is wearing from time to time clogs in his yard.

We have a saying.

Dit voelde je op je klompen aankomen.

you could feel on your clogs this was coming.


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Re: Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Mar 27, 2020 10:17 am

Here we go.

What did I say before?

Weak structures will not survive this real life corona stress test. And what is a weak structure?

The euro.

One size fits all, connecting not equivalent economies.
In a EU structure what is not a political unity......
And never will be one.....

The Euro was a huge mistake, the population of the "Rhineland county's" where strong against the Euro, they loved there German marks and Guldens, guilders. Gulden means gold......
But, but but. Everyone warned this is a huge mistake, and yes, there it was. The Eurocrisis.
And now we get part ll.

ECB gooit eigen regels overboord om Italië en Spanje te redden

ECB (European Central Bank) jettisons its own rules to save Italy and Spain. And here we are, euro crisis part ll what will end up in a furious population of the northern country's who simple want there country and currency back.

I think mister Thierry Baudet, Geert wilders and many other strong European nationalistic politicians are opening the champagne.....

(Silver rijksdaalders.)
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Re: Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

Post by Graaf Statler » Sat Mar 28, 2020 11:22 am

Back to the Covid, today Covid in America.

This is a very interesting analyse of Covid in the US of A. (NRC, Dutch)

https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2020/03/27/de ... n-a3995220

(Google translate link)

Interesting to see is also in America a system of a federal government fails. And that is a interesting difference, our "governors", prime ministers just rase there finger to Brussel and do just what they want under the motto ieder voor zich en god voor ons allen. Italy and Spain want aid from Europe in the form of eurobonds and Holland and Germany say simple no.

Some country's in Europe are more equal than others, if aunt Merkel and cousin Mark rutte say no it means no. Not now, maybe later under very strikt conditions.

But America....... the country what want to try to bring us a new vision on social justice, gender and free source......
But why don't you wiki guys just ask Romaine and friends to send the left over pirate flags and why doesn't you wiki guys not storm the Pentagon?
Because that fits perfect in your guy's mind setting. Be only careful they don's send you also that by Alexander destroyed directors chair back. Because here you have to pay for garbage and there argument is you have paid for it, so it is your responsibility. Yeh, that is what the said to De Kolonel and me when we where there to discuss our Free Bicycle Foundation with them.

There director prefers to spent the money for a trip to the zoo if they are open again you know. To celebrate the new office furniture what has burn damage. Talking all day about pussy's and Dicks, yes it has consequences and there insurance has disbarred them after that Statler letter of there lawyer. They pay nothing.
No, all that WMF donor money here in Holland is well spend, believe me!

And now get the hell out of my country before we sent aid to America by picking up a bunch of free loader with a private jet. Because that is absolute what we own you after all these years saving our country social benefits by employing lunatics.
Now it is our turn to do the same. The unemployment in the US of A will rice sky high you know, and if we take a few lunatics over it save the American taxpayer absolute money!

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Re: Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:19 pm

A weard corona story. We have in Holland a bus with IC facility's for 6 patients. The had to bring patients from the south to the north, Heerlen hospital to Groningen hospital, but it broke down. (About 300km) Panic!
https://www.ad.nl/video/ic-bus-vol-coro ... eg~p138071

But now they tow the complete bus after a medical check in Nijmwegen (mid-east Holland) with the patients in it to Groningen. The situation on the IC's is difficult, but they bring now patients to Germany, what has 30.000 IC beds.

And I wroet on WO the topic Grocery Store Observations, but not any probelm here. There is sometimes a temper shortage but only a day or two and stupide things. The home delivery is working perfect, till now we are ok.

Many, many dramatical story's all day, the medical sector really has a hard time, but anyone is helpful and doing what they can.
The bottle necks:
*Home care for older people.
*Regulair médical aid for people who need it.

*Lose of income of many branches.
*Tensions in the eurozone, a huge risk the north-south euro crisis flames up again.
*Economic damage in general, the drop down will be worser than in the economic crisis of 2008.
*Risk of disintegration of the EU, no solidarity, strong upcoming nationalisme.

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Re: Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

Post by Graaf Statler » Tue Mar 31, 2020 9:45 am

Today the government has decided to pay 90% of the wages of company's in trouble because of the corona crisis.

https://www.ad.nl/dossier-coronavirus/g ... ~a0241037/

The ‘intelligent lockdown’ works out, the numbers on the IC patients seems to be stablile, we all got a huge compliment this time of minister Grapperhaus, Minister of Justice.
Last weekend he was angry, now we had us “hartstikke goed” aan de voorschriften gehouden om het coronavirus te stoppen. we had listened carefully to vadertje (father) state. What he didn't say is if you don't listen you get a fine 400-4000 euro. Yes, minors too and also if you break the rules in your own house.
In the best Dutch tradition. Break one of the million rules and you have a heavy fine.

https://nieuws.nl/algemeen/20200330/gra ... onaregels/

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2020/03/d ... -lockdown/

The army send medical staf to the hospitals and nursery homes:

https://www.ad.nl/binnenland/krijgsmach ... ~a6ace3a5/

The only thing I can say the state is looking in a great way after us. All political party's work together, everyone is helpful and friendly, except the virus is there not any problem here.

But in the EU there are! Many problems and a huge tension. In both south and north Europe is the anti-EU sentiment growing with the day.
The European country have withdrawn there self into their old nationalism, the population special of the south euro country's start really to hate the EU dominated by the powerful and rich German/Dutch tandem Merkel and here cousin Mark Rutte.

Not a euro you get is the message, what made made special Italy mad........

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Re: Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

Post by Graaf Statler » Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:47 pm

Vig wrote:Until there's a viral assay that can be run in 15 minutes and is available in large numbers everywhere, we're not going to get a handle on this pandemic.
indeed Vig. Because it appeared China has lied about the numbers.

Geheim VS-rapport: ‘Coronacijfers China zijn nep’, tienduizenden bedrijven melden zich bij noodloket.

Secret US report: "China's corona figures are fake

Yes Vig. De Chinese rapportage zou ‘nep’ zijn, aldus drie anonieme Witte Huis-medewerkers. Fake numbers, Vig, and the white house knew this, the dead rate is much higher. And not only old, half cripple people Vig, the half of the people on our IC is under the 50, and often they where strong and healthy. It's a killer virus.

https://www.ad.nl/dossier-coronavirus/l ... ~a258e829/

De 12-jarige Belgische Rachel overleed maandag na drie dagen koorts. De familie van het meisje is teleurgesteld in het gezondheidssysteem van het land. Rachel is een van de jongste slachtoffers van het virus ter wereld.
A 12 year old Belgium girl, Vig, many young and strong people are infected and serious ill. And dying is not the only problem, people often get serieus heart and lung damage afterwards. It is complete unclear if the will recover and how long that takes.

https://www.ad.nl/buitenland/rachel-12- ... ~a7ed3c5e/

A heart breaking story, Vig.
Lies, Vig, lies what you like so much. Just lying your ass off, your president did the same. Lying is goooood, man, that bring the world forward. Fuck your fucking lie mentality, bro, peeps are going to die because of it.
Rutte: Wereld van vóór coronacrisis keert niet meer terug
https://www.ad.nl/dossier-coronavirus/r ... ~a539c80e/

Indeed, in the new world what is coming back will liars the new outcasts, Vig.
And yes, I am afraid America doesn't get this pandemie under control. We do the best we can from moment one one and still many peeps are dying , so I am extreem pessimistic about your American guys.

And that makes me really sad, and I mean it. A large number of dead people because of lies is also heartbreaking, Vig.
And for reliable numbers we absolute have to wait a few months till the European statist services have them, because here in Europe we don't like liars at all!

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Re: Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

Post by Graaf Statler » Thu Apr 02, 2020 11:52 pm

Vig linked:

Mortgage Defaults Could Pile Up at Pace That Dwarfs 2008

That is not the main problem of America, Vig. Even the virus is not the main problem.

The main problem of your country is that lying is considered as normal, as good. The moral bankrupt of your country, there is it about. That is your American guy's problem.
Your president lies his ass off, you are a fucking lier just like Timmy boy, the CEO of the Free Copvio Movement is lying, you are all simple a bunch of fucking Any Rand liars!

And THAT has to recover first in America, that is needed to recover. America must find the true back, there moral.
Peeps with jobs are sleeping in cars, the country has a astronomic debt, the president lies his ass of about corona, many peeps have not insurance , what for the fucking hell are you bringing us in Holland except a chapter with gender fools, free loaders and trolls?

Think first about that before you blame me again for telling the true, arrogant prick what you are!
Fix first your own country before you start to "teach" others how to live with your fucking American "social justice" crap!

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Re: Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:06 am

Timmy Tim the sucks troll wrote: People are not going to hide under their dinner tables for two years. There will have to be some new normal beyond "stay at home."
Your bridges are collapsing, your electricity network destroys California nature, many of your silicon firms are simple zombie firms what will make never profit and will fall apart in this crisis, and THAT will cause a long lasting crisis in Amerika.
Not facing the true. Living in a wold of lies and borrowed cash.

Lying your ass off, in Europe are the streets filled up with peeps crying for free source stuff! Romaine walks in front with Dimi of the parade of fools twitters, twitters twitters of the wiki top all the time! Together with Julia Read, the next chairwoman of the Euro parliament! A zero, a nothing!
Waving pirate flags on every square , even captain genius Alexander enter the port of Rotterdam with the Fifth Fleet with the pirate flag in top. Total jokers!

Gelach, Ha, Gerlach blogposts, written by Gelach, the legal genius from Swiss together with politic scientist Dimi, do you know what they both are, Timmy boy?


Not a word was true of what they told and wrote all the time, not one! Not one single word, not of Romaine with his fake Brussels advocating group, the fake Pirate Party, it where all.....huge lies, Tim. Lying has become your Americans there second nature.

lies, lies, lies, you Americans are living in one big lie what now is going to change in a long lasting nightmare!
Till you embrace the true again, that is the only way to recovering, Tim.

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Re: Dutch approach to fight COVID-19

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:11 pm

Timmy the joker wrote:I don't think anyone "beats" NY,
Indeed tim. And do you know why?

Because of speaking the language of the devil, Lucifer, the bringer of the light, his licht, lies Tim.
It appeared now they have leid in Tirol, Austria, in Italy, because it was a waste to spoil the game, the party, the skiing holiday session. a football match Italia- Spain, and now we all pay a high price for that lies and you Americans too. Even higher than we do, Tim. Because in your country everything is squared by the lies of you president with his for ever lies. And lies of the Chinese and others of course.

That virus was there, years is already warned this disaster would be caused by the animal abusers on the wet markets in china and the rich who bought there devils merchandise. Lies what have busted by other lies as a rocket Tim. Ayn Rand is now also on the ventilator in hell now, so hard has she laughed at you all, Tim.
Lies have changed beautiful America , the promised land in one big brothel now, with Silicon Vally in the lead. Tim.

Lying is speaking the devils native tongue, Timmy boy. Even for diehard atheists it's good moment to have a look in the bible, Saint John about the devil.

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